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Best Twin Gear Juicer for celery Reviews

What is a twin-gear juicer for celery? Visit our website details and see how they work and what its famous models are.

Let’s get this out of the way as soon as possible: The best twin gear juicer is not for novices who occasionally require a quick healthy drink, despite their simplicity. This juicer for celery is made for those who truly value the benefits of drinking juices made from fresh, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. People concerned about their health and beauty believe that the time and money spent juicing are significant investments in their mental and physical well-being. Twin gear juicers, on the other hand, don’t always have to be fancy, time-consuming, or expensive. It only takes a little research to find high-quality juicers that are dependable, affordable, and simple to operate and clean. You still need to be required to open that brand-new Google tab for the days-long research because I’ve finished your job.

There is more to the collection I’m about to show you than my experiences. I dug through dozens of websites and hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon to find the most important information about each juicer. What do they look like? When in use, how do they “feel”? How do they work? What are their strengths? And what are their drawbacks?

I will take care of everything for you!

How does it work?

In and of itself, a twin-gear juicer is a cold-press machine and an ideal juicer for celery. Like the single-gear masticating juicer, it presses a product to extract juice, separating the liquid from the fibre. This occurs at a speed of 80 to 120 rpm with minimal heat and air exposure, in contrast to the centrifuge, which shreds and extracts juice at a speed of 6000 to 14000 rpm. Instead of having an auger that presses against the chamber, the trituration has two metal gears close to each other. This sets it apart from the masticator. While the fruit, root, or leafy green is fed through the tube, these gears simultaneously crush, cut, and squeeze it. A twin-gear juice is always dense and has vivid colours, indicating that it maximizes yield and the amount of micro and macronutrients it can provide.

Twin Gear Juicer Reviews

We searched for the most dependable triturating juicers on the market and compiled this list of the best juicer for celery that delivers the best results so that you don’t have to.

Super Angel Pro​

The Super Angel Pro is the dream of most juicing purists, but not everyone can afford it. One of the most beautiful twin-gear juicers on the market is the Pro and the Deluxe. Unlike masticating juicer, it has sleek stainless steel parts handcrafted with high precision and aesthetics. On the inside and outside, the whole thing is made of food-grade stainless steel 304, which not only makes it last longer but also gives juice drinkers worried about hormone-disrupting chemicals in plastic peace of mind.

In addition, the Super Angels are one of the few twin gear juicers equipped with various intelligent automatic features: It works to cool itself off when the temperature reaches dangerous levels. When the gears become stuck, it also reverses their rotation.

Additionally, the machine regulates its speed to prevent overfeeding jams. The cherry on top is that the rpm never exceeds 82, which is the lowest trituration. Preventing heat transfer to the juice and lowering the likelihood of the motor overheating keeps all the enzymes and micronutrients active and fresh.

This machine theoretically produces the best cold-pressed juice, although the difference in quality is too subtle for the naked eye to detect. In addition, if you make more than one small glass at a time, you can immediately see that it produces significantly more juice from the same amount of produce.

Green Power KPE1304

Green Power KPE1304 is another ideal twin-gear celery for juicers unique from the centrifugal power xl juicer in terms of features and working. The Green Power might be a good choice if you want to spend less than 45 minutes pushing celery down a small feeding chute, even though speed is only sometimes desirable. 

The GP is one of the fastest twin-gear juicers at 160 rpm, nearly twice as fast as the Super Angel. A heated motor typically results in a higher speed, but this comes at the expense of cutting the time required to produce juice by nearly half.

In point of fact, the intensity generated is negligible if you carefully follow the instructions and turn it off as scheduled. 

With its two powerhouse motors, the Green Power can process almost anything. It helps that it has two different screens for fruits and vegetables and a knob for adjusting the pressure. It works better on leafy greens than on harder, thicker materials like ginger or carrot because it has gears on a smaller spectrum.

This smaller machine is more adaptable than many others. It comes with a multi-purpose kit with outlets for noodles and juice, multiple nozzle pairings for dry and watery produce, and a second screen without holes for making nut paste.

 The Green Power KPE1304 is one of the fastest twin-gear juicers available, despite its lack of strength. This machine is for you if speed and quality are important to you.


A twin-gear juicer is an excellent cold-press machine for celery. It presses a product to extract juice, separating it from the fibre, like the single-gear masticating juicer. Hence, head to our detailed catalogue and learn about the famous twin-gear juicer for celery models.

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