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Solutions For the Interior Decoration of Halls

The living room is the room in our home that has evolved the most over the years. It is undoubtedly one of the central spaces of a home. Reserved for rest but also to enjoy family and social gatherings, it is the nerve center of life at home. We offer best in industry services and products for Civil Works Contractors.

Currently there is no standard type of room, but quite the opposite, its design is adapted to the demands and tastes of the people who inhabit it.

Therefore, in the decoration of living rooms, comfort and functionality must seek above all, both to share it and to be able to enjoy it individually. Undoubtedly, natural light, a correct distribution and decoration will help you achieve it.

Here we show you the keys to succeed in decorating living rooms.

Natural And Artificial Light

Light is the basis of all decoration. A room practically decorates by itself with sufficient natural lighting. The more natural light we have, we will provide a greater amplitude to the space. In this sense, we must prevent any element from interfering with the entry of light into the room. That is why it is highly recommended in the case of our decoration that requires it to use curtains or light curtains. Also avoid whenever you can place high-backed sofas in front of the windows.

Finally, mention in this section also the artificial light that is also very important. This will be essential at night and with it we will bring warmth to the room. In this case, the best option would be to choose central lamps that allow us to provide light to all corners. In addition, we cannot forget the ambient lights, floor lamps, etc. that will help us to make our rooms pleasant and comfortable.


There is an overview of the whole. So, we to first define how many environments we are going to create in the room and what will be their arrangement on the surface. For this, I recommend that you take a pencil and paper to draw a plan where you will place the windows, doors, walls, switches, and other elements that are very unlikely to modified.

Arrangement Of the Seats in Rest Area

The rest area and its main element, the sofa, will mark the arrangement of the seats. Which should encourage communication. Depending on the characteristics of our space we can choose several distributions. For example, we can place them facing each other if the surface is square and separated by a coffee table or in a U-shape if the room is large.

If it is rectangular, your best option is the L-shaped distribution, with a corner sofa or chaise longue or a three-piece.

In any case, we must bear in mind that in all living room decorations, sofas must place as close to the windows as possible, but as we have previously indicated, without hindering the entry of natural light.

Another quite interesting option is a distribution around a focal point, that is, an element that stands out from the rest, such as a fireplace, a large window, a textured wall, etc.


In the previous point, let’s talk about the sofa as one of the main elements in the decoration of living rooms. Now, at the time of purchase we cannot carried away only by the aesthetic section. To enjoy it, it is equally important to consider its size, structure, comfort, and durability.

If there are children at home, it is highly recommended that you look for an option with an upholstery that is easy to clean and if it is removable, even better.

Regarding the correct size of the sofa with respect to the living room. It is necessary to take measurements of where you want to place it. Subtracting approximately 90 cm from the space if you choose to add some auxiliary tables. So, if, for example, the area is 3.5 meters long, you should look for a sofa around 2.60 meters approximately.

Space For Decorative Objects

Another equally important piece of furniture in this space is some type of modular composition or a bookcase / shelf to place the television. This composition fulfills, several functions. Such as the possibility of storing functions at the same time. As storage and for placing audio and video devices, books, photos, and other decorative objects.

Functionality Coffee Table and Its Decorative Effect

Civil Works Contractors

On the other hand, we generally choose the coffee table is more for its decorative effect than for its functionality. And we are quite wrong in that regard. We must logically choose a style that fits with the rest of the room. But we must also pay attention to its size with respect to the sofa. And, above all, considering the functionality that you are going to give it.

The correct dimensions of a table are those that allow us to circulate around it but they should not be less than half to half of our sofa. This must also have a height at most the same as the seat of the sofa. If you are one of those who like to eat or have a snack on the sofa, I suggest that you opt for a table that can raised for greater comfort.


Cushions, blankets, rugs, curtains, upholstery are essential as they bring warmth to the room. In the upholstery of the sofa or armchairs, it is preferable to use fabrics of smooth and long-lasting colors so that they do not tire us over time.

You can provide that personal touch in the fabric of the cushions since we can change them with relative ease due to their lower cost. When it comes to dressing the windows, we refer again to the use of curtains, blinds that offer privacy but at the same time provide a good entrance of natural light.

Ideal Finish the Decoration

To finish the decoration of our rooms we can incorporate a rug that highlights the space for rest. For example, single-color rugs with geometric motifs are ideal for modern environments and the most colorful depending on the combination will help classic, industrial, etc., rooms.

As for the materials, those made of wool or long hair are perfect for cold environments and those made of vegetable fibers will use for warmer areas such as summer residences.

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