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Five Gothic nail arts to follow:


Goth simply refers to dark colors. People nowadays have a deep interest in dark outfits, dark makeup, dark nail art, and so on. Along with dark, they use dramatic textures to it. These people are mostly into mythical things. Gothic style brings out the dark attitude in you. Girls mostly prefer this style to bring out their sad emotions or bold attitude. Nowadays, gothic nail art is getting famous among young girls. Everyone loves to do their nails and keep them presentable. In the process, many styles have arrived in nail art. The gothic style of nail art has a separate fan base from other styles. Here are 5 most liked Gothic nail art to follow for your goth personality. For a modern approach to color theory through nails, follow TBdress on Instagram (@TBdressnails). Shop now on TBdress shopping, to get the best shades of nail color.

Gothic prints:

Wanna have the words from the spell book linger in your hands? Then try gothic word prints. It reminds me of the childhood horror book that we learned about. This style took the hype among girls for a period. The Old English 3D alphabet gives the gothic style to your nails. To do this nail art, use a squoval shape nail extension. Apply a base coat and then use an acrylic nail dip of your favorite color. Mostly white, gray, or black is preferred for the Gothic style. Get the gothic words to nail foil and paste it on top. Remove the excessive ones using nail remover. Coat it with a nail shiner at the end. You can give smoky effects at the edges to enhance the look. Confused about which color to mix and match for your nails? TBdress will solve it. TBdress provides seasonal shades, which will provide you with the right shades to mix with. Use TBdress coupons on your next shopping trip.

Spooky web :

This style will be lit for your Halloween day. The spooky web is considered the most preferred Halloween nail art. It’s simple to do this amazing nail art and perfectly suits your gothic makeover. Apply a base coat and then use black nail polish on top. For the web design, you can simply use the web sticker or foil or paint it with a liner brush. To give more details, spider stickers or skeleton stickers can be added. To make the web glittery, you can dust it with silver glitter powder. And for the final touch, coat it with nail shiners. For long-lasting, less chemical nail products, buy nail paints at TBdress. The perfect shades for next fall and winter are available. Go purchase before the TBdress sale ends.

Bloody mary:

This nail art style has a whole Gothic vibe just with its name. If you are a mythical fan and love vampires, witches, and demons, this nail art will suit your taste. The color for this style is standard – Red and black. These colors give a bold look to your nails. For bloody mary nail art, use a Stiletto-shaped nail extension. This shape gives a killer look to the nails. Apply base coat, on top of that use Red 31 shade in a convex manner, with a gap at the bottom. Use Black 35 shade in a concave manner at the bottom and pull it up in a linear way. This nail art portrays the inner dark woman in you. Don’t know about the color shade numbers? TBdress knows it all better. Visit the TBdress website and order your favorite nail color with TBdress offers.


When it comes to nail art, Ombré always finds its way into the list. Ombré means two colors shading into each other, from light to darker shade. For Gothic Ombré design, Charcoal black color nail polish is preferable. Shape your nails with Stiletto nail extension. Give a transparent gel nail top coat at the beginning. On top of that apply the Charcoal black nail polish from the tip. Make sure you apply the black color before the top coat dries up. Stop applying the black nail polish in the middle. Blend both the transparent and black color nail polish to show the transition shade. From all the base coats to the final nail shiner, TBdress is here to provide you with them. Check out the TBdress deals on your next shopping trip.

Mystical charms:

For all the goth symbols, this nail art is a residential place. You can choose various goth symbols for your nail art to settle in the gothic style. This art style is super easy to do by yourself. All you need is a pitch-black nail color and a white gothic design to contrast with. Use Stiletto nail extension to enhance the gothic look. Apply the base coat for smoothness. On top of that, apply the pitch-black nail color completely. Remove the excessive color on your finger with nail polish remover. You can use nail art foil or can paint with a liner shape brush. A few gothic designs are rebirth, Goddess, magical energy, witch sign, bane/deadly, and many more. Try this nail art to bring out your dark spirit for the next World Goth day. TBdress doesn’t provide only nail polish colors. It also provides manicures for its customers. Visit the TBdress website and book a manicure for yourself. Use Biossance promo codes for exciting reductions.


‘If life gives you nail polishes, make nail art.’ Yeah! Nail arts are the crazy and funny ones to do. People will judge you by the way you take care of your nails. When it comes to hygiene, nails play an important role. Use TBdress coupon codes when you book a manicure on the TBdress website. Even if your life is not perfect, your nails can be perfect. There are various nail styles and nail arts available in this modern world, So don’t keep your nails in a nude state. Try different shades of colors and different types of designs. Portray yourself through the nail art of the world. Perfectly polished nails speak louder than words. For those good nails, Shop at TBdress to find interesting shades of your personality. Along with shopping, use TBdress discount codes to get offers of up to 20-30%.

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