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GPS tracker for a car – functionality, application

A GPS tracker is a small device that will increase theft protection and help track where the car is. A small box is sometimes simply irreplaceable. How the tracker works, what varieties there are, and how to handle it – more on later.

The main functionality of a car GPS tracker

The main task and function is the transmission of object coordinates. Accordingly, its speed can also be determined. These features are available for any device. But by connecting the GPS tracker to car systems, it will be possible to track other parameters of the car: fuel consumption, the temperature inside and outside the car, closing locks, gasoline level in the tank, and other parameters. But it is worth noting that the extended functionality will require additional costs – sensors, consumables for connecting to the circuit and setting up the tracker.

Varieties of GPS trackers

Devices can be divided into types according to the data transfer method: 1. GPS/GLONASS/GSM – signals are transmitted using regular SMS messages. This equipment is already outdated, but it is still being used. 2. GPS / GLONASS / GSM / GPRS – work in networks with EDGE support. The most common type – inexpensive to maintain, works in most parts of the Earth. If there is no signal, then all data is recorded in memory and broadcast after the appearance of the network. 3. GPS / GLONASS / RF – work with radio signals without cellular networks. Support distance up to 40 km from the reception center. But very expensive and bulky. So far has yet to be widely used. You can also distinguish between connected and standalone. Pluggable devices are used in smartphones and portable devices. Autonomous can work independently and store a map and marks on it in memory. The latter includes all car trackers.

The principle of operation of the tracker for cars

The device consists of a receiver, a transmitter, an antenna, and a storage device. Through the receiver, he collects data about his location from communication satellites, cell towers, and radio. The processed data is transmitted through the transmitter to the terminal, where the operator will see them. The memory module accumulates information when there is a temporary lack of communication with the receiver. Coordinates are determined using GLONASS/GPS or triangulation of mobile communication towers. The more options the GPS/GLONASS tracker supports, the more accurate the transmitted coordinates are.

How to choose the right car GPS tracker

When choosing a device, you should pay attention to its following parameters:

Communication methods – GPS is supported by all trackers, but it would be useful to have support for GLONASS, GSM, and other channels for transmitting and receiving data;

sensitivity is how sensitive the device is to data from transmitters and how accurately it determines the coordinates;

  • mode of operation – you may need a memory card if you plan to work in remote areas;
  • start time – the period the device will start and determine the coordinates.

How to set up a GPS tracker

A GPS tracker should be set up for a car by specialists who install it. Inexpensive devices available for sale are configured according to the following scheme:

  • install a SIM card in the tracker;
  • wait for the device to connect to the satellite;
  • gain access by sending begin and the factory default password (12345);
  • After receiving OK feedback, log in and set a new permanent password.

After that, the GPS Car tracker is set up and ready to go and will send messages when the car changes its location. More complex devices have instructions for starting and configuring. Following these instructions, you need to configure the device. But it is better to entrust it to professionals. 

They will connect and configure the tracker and additional car tracking functions. A GPS tracker for a car will be very useful in companies with a large fleet and an extensive network of routes. If the company cares about the safety of its employees, the safety of cargo, and its transport, the device is necessary for each unit. The amount spent on purchasing the tracker will quickly pay off due to the saved gasoline, the saved cargo, and the reduction in the number of technical inspections.

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