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Importance of Green Cards and the Role of Immigration Lawyers

The most apparent benefit of holding a Green Card is that it enables you to live permanently in the United States, as you may already be aware. However, it’s worthwhile to look more closely at what this offers.

The advantages of obtaining a Green Card are constant, but the rules and regulations can alter. As a result, it’s essential to keep up with recent developments to ensure you’re applying for a Green Card according to the correct green card protocol.

A Lawyer’s Role in the Green Card Application Process

Unofficially known as a “green card,” this document allows immigrants and their families to live in the country legally for the rest of their lives. Up to six million green card applications are submitted to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) each year. 13.7% of Americans born outside the country made up the overall population in 2019. 

There are many circumstances in which a Immigration Lawyers can be of assistance to a family. Obtaining residency in the U.S. can be quite challenging due to difficulties that may arise during the green card application process. They can make your process more easy and stress free.

Five Benefits of Green Card

There are undoubtedly more than five advantages to being a legal permanent resident in the United States, thus, this list needs to be more comprehensive. However, individuals considering applying should find this list sufficient to determine whether it is worthwhile.

1. Relative of LPRS can be Sponsored

Holders of green cards may sponsor members of their immediate families to relocate to the U.S. According to USCIS; immediate family members include spouses and children under the age of 21 who are not married.

You’ll have to wait until you become a U.S. citizen to bring additional family members. These, including parents and siblings, are considered members of the preference category. But an intelligent place to start is undoubtedly with your close relatives.

2. Manageable College Fees

Out-of-state and international students pay higher tuition costs at colleges, universities, and vocational schools in the United States. In some states, the annual tuition increase could be above 50%. You can lower your college tuition if you have a Green Card because you are regarded as an in-state resident.

You can apply for and accept federal student aid as a permanent legal resident for your study. Additionally, you might be eligible for substantial government financial aid to help you pay for your education, which might lower tuition costs, if not wholly eliminate them.

So, access to higher education is one of the main advantages of obtaining a Green Card (for all ages). This is a fantastic entry point into the system, especially given how expensive certain American universities can be.

3. You Can Reside Anywhere in the Nation that You Want.

You can relocate to any place you choose if you have a Green Card, which is one of its biggest advantages. This is a significant issue, given the size and diversity of the United States.

Of course, you’ll often need to live close to your place of employment if you request an engagement Green Card. However, there is no restriction on where you can live if you come via a family Green Card or Diversity Visa Lottery victory.

However, this can be intimidating if you don’t know much about the USA outside its most well-known cities. It might always be worthwhile to hunt for communities from your native nation or to take the time to learn more about what’s available. Another choice is to discuss your goals for your life in America with an immigration specialist and see what advice they have.

4. Traveling Abroad Is a Breeze.

One of the best advantages of having a Green Card is how much simpler it is to enter and exit the country than it would be with a temporary or student visa. U.S. Immigration services must admit all Green Card holders because the card represents their status as permanent residents of the nation.

Of course, possessing a Green Card that has expired will slightly alter the situation. It can appear a little weird, but it doesn’t mean you’re no longer a lawful permanent resident. As a result, you should start the renewal process at least six months before your current card expires. Given that it lasts for ten years, you should be able to prepare.

Please be aware that if you remain abroad for six months or more without renewing your green card, you may encounter new issues. Then, U.S. Immigration will have the right to inquire whether you intend to make the U.S. your permanent home. Even worse, they can decide to cancel your Green Card.

5. Use of the United States’ Social Security System

The Social Stability Administration (SSA), which receives most of its funding from payroll taxes, provides retired and disabled individuals and their families with financial security. In America, about 1 in 4 families depend on social security benefits. These benefits include everything from help with childcare and meals to help with medical care.

Because they are lawful permanent residents, those with Green Cards are entitled to certain social security benefits. For instance, after ten years of employment in the country with a Green Card, the bearer may apply for retirement benefits.

Because university fees are a benefit and are subsidized by the state, they would also fall under this heading. Even while those with Green Cards don’t have full access to social security benefits like citizens, it’s still an excellent place to start.

Meanwhile, taxes present a potential drawback (or obligation, depending on how you view it). Every year, Green Card holders are required to file tax returns. You cannot benefit from the system’s benefits if you do not contribute.

The U.S. tax structure may be highly complex compared to your nation’s. Therefore, having access to social security is undoubtedly a huge plus, but as any American can tell you, filing taxes can also be a considerable drawback. You may need the help of immigration lawyers at any step of your life as a US green card holder, it’s better to hire an experienced one to counsel and defend your rights.

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