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What Solutions For Abortion Pills?

Public discussions around abortion are very rare in UAE. Buy Abortion Pills in Dubai is prohibited in UAE, it is practiced clandestinely. There are no official statistics on cases, but according to estimates by the Ministry of Public Health, more than 500 women and adolescent girls die each year in UAE from medically unsafe abortions.

The problem exists, and the solution has to be found. Strengthen actions for the use of contraceptive methods. Should we push for sex education? Decriminalize abortion or, on the contrary, strengthen prosecutions to deter those who practice it? For Malagasy human rights activists, talking about abortion is already a step forward since abortion exists, the consequences when it is performed in an unsafe place are devastating, and ignoring them will condemn women and young people to decisions that will haunt them for life.

Society turns a blind eye to a serious problem

The criminalization of buy abortion pills in Dubai have never caused the practice to cease or decline and the problem arises on this point since women and adolescent girls who intend to have an abortion do not always reveal their intention. As a result, they are not recommended and the worst happens when the woman or the adolescent takes the initiative herself by resorting to dangerous tools that can perforate the uterus, taking drugs that will help her body to expel the embryo, but which can lead to hemorrhage.

Apart from the deaths, illnesses, and sterility that will follow a clandestine abortion, the psychological consequences are ignored. A public debate “Abortion, let’s talk about it” was organized in Antananarivo on February 15, the room was full, but especially of women. A debate whose subject is not common in Madagascar, when the problem it poses is very real. 25 million unsafe abortions are performed every year worldwide. 97% of these unsafe abortions take place in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

WHO Analysis

Where abortion is a misdemeanor or a crime. These figures are from the World Health Organization which claims that 13% of maternal deaths are linked to unsafe abortions. Malagasy society is faced with the problem of buy abortion pills in Dubai from which it cannot turn away because the facts are there “knowledge of the risks of abortion does not deter women from doing it”, the words are internal in medicine Lovatiana Andriamboavoanjy who presented during the debate the results of a study carried out at Befelatanana Hospital, Antananarivo.

Formal prohibition of termination of pregnancy for medical reasons

The parliament has already taken its decision regarding the subject and no change in the near future is to be expected since it took years for the draft law on family planning with its articles on medical interruption of pregnancy to drawn up and presented to the votes of Parliament. In June 2017, this bill from the Ministry of Public Health was presented to the National Assembly and the Senate. The deputies passed the law, but the Senate meanwhile did not and recommended the deletion of articles 22 and 23 on medical termination of pregnancy.

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