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5 Field-Tested Outdoor Subscription Boxes for Your Next Adventure 

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for the perfect subscription box for your next adventure? With so many outdoor boxes to choose from, it takes time to figure out where to start. But whether you’re just starting your outdoor journey or seasoned, there’s always something new to discover and try. 

In general, there are many subscription boxes designed specifically for people who want to enjoy the outdoors with reliable gear. From anglers looking for bait and tackle every month to campers needing tents and sleeping bags, field-tested subscription boxes give you everything you need for any outdoor activity. Outdoor boxes are the right way to ensure you have the best gear for every outdoor adventure. 

Here are five field-tested subscription boxes to help you meet your outdoor needs. 

The Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes for Your Adventure Needs 

  1. BattlBox 

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for the best monthly outdoor subscription boxes in 2022 to help you prepare for your next adventure? BattlBox is the premier field-tested outdoor subscription box designed to equip you with the products and knowledge needed to take on any challenge. 

BattlBox offers a variety of subscription boxes designed to meet every outdoor need. Whether you’re hitting the trails or hitting the waves, BattlBox has something for you. Each box contains carefully curated items such as camping gear, survival tools, apparel and accessories, energy drinks, snacks, and more. Every month, there’s always something new and exciting in store. 

The most popular package comes with hand-selected items every month. For those who want even more value, two additional subscription options – Pro and Pro Plus. Pro-plus come with 6-9 high-quality products. All subscriptions come with free shipping, so you never have to worry about paying extra for your box. Additionally, subscribers get exclusive access to discounts on additional products each month from the BattlBox website and special offers from select partner brands. 

Generally, BattlBox is committed to providing subscribers with top-notch customer service and product quality. All items undergo rigorous testing in real-world situations to meet quality and durability standards. No matter what type of outdoor adventure awaits you, trust Battlbox to provide everything you need. 

  1. Cairn 

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Cairn is the best monthly outdoor subscription box if you love exploring nature while simultaneously maintaining ultimate safety and enjoyment. Every month they send 5-7 products that range from clothing items to nutrition bars to survival tools in their eco-friendly packaging. Cairn works with utmost commitment to ensure you’re prepared no matter the activity or adventure that awaits. When it comes to philanthropic efforts, Cairn partners with organizations dedicated to protecting our environment, so they donate a portion of their monthly profits to those causes. 

If you are looking for an outdoor subscription box that balances quality and convenience, Cairn is an excellent choice. It’s designed with adventurers in mind. A significant aspect of this box is that every item is explicitly tailored to the type of adventure the recipient plans. Whether you’re looking for a new piece of clothing or something more technical like a water filter or first aid kit – Cairn has it all. 

  1. Postfly 

Are you an avid fly-fishing enthusiast? If so, then Postfly is the perfect outdoor subscription box for you. Subscribers get monthly shipments of handpicked flies tailored to their specific fishing preferences and other helpful items such as tippet rings and leader wallets. They even offer boxes filled with everything needed for fly tying at home—a great way to get creative and learn something new about this popular sport. 

With Postfly, there’s no need to worry about having outdated tackle or insufficient supplies before heading out on your next fishing excursion. Furthermore, the box also comes with exclusive discounts from top fishing brands, which allows subscribers to save even more when shopping online or in-store. If you love fishing, Postfly is the perfect subscription box. 

  1. Mystery Tackle Box 

Mystery Tackle Box is also an excellent option for fishermen of all levels looking to get a variety of lures and tackle each month. Their monthly boxes come with various lures and other accessories such as pliers, lines, bobbers, and more that vary in size and color. Depending on your subscription plan, you can access exclusive offers from top fishing brands. 

  1. Think Outside Boxes     

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If you’re looking for an educational twist on outdoor exploration, Think Outside Boxes is worth considering. Each month they send subscribers a package filled with fun activities designed by experts in various fields like music therapy and botany. Subscribers gain valuable knowledge and build critical thinking skills while learning to appreciate nature in all its forms.  

Think Outside subscription box is a great way to turn your next outing into an educational experience. This monthly subscription service caters specifically to hikers and backpackers who want access to quality gear without breaking the bank.  

Each box includes thermoses, cookware sets, dry bags/packs/tents, flashlights & lightsabers, multi-tools & knives, and much more. Think Outside also offers excellent discounts from popular brands like GSI Outdoors, so subscribers can save even more. So whether you’re looking for a lightweight tent for weekend backpacking trips or just some fun gadgets for your next hike consider using the Think Outside subscription box. 

Exploring the Best Subscription Boxes for Outdoor Adventurers 

There are countless subscription boxes out there, but when it comes to finding the right one for your needs, it pays to research beforehand. The five above are some of the best outdoor subscription boxes out there, each offering unique benefits tailored to different audiences. You should check them before deciding which box is right for you. With any luck, these boxes will give you exactly what you need – new gear or new knowledge – to make your next adventure more enjoyable. 

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