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 6 Things to keep in mind while designing your bedroom

Designing a dream bedroom requires much more than just thinking about the colour schemes and the type of wood! You need to give a practical approach towards the space you have and the kind of bedroom design theme you are considering. Remember, different themes require distinct kind of work frame and considerations while designing them for the ideal bedroom. And no matter how many Google interior décor sites you refer to and Pinterest images you look for reference, only an interior design expert can help you create that fantastic and full proof bedroom design! But yes, you can give them your suggestions and preferences for the same! And keeping these things in mind will definitely help you better when you design it. 

  1. Your bedroom space — The very basic and first thing to consider while designing your bedroom is this space you own. Only then you will be able to pick bedroom design theme that matches your area. For example, if you are opting for an English themed bedroom with all whites and large furniture, you will require a space that is that huge. You just can’t fit that design into a condo apartment with a very concise bedroom.
  1. The type of theme you love — We specifically picked the word “love” rather than “like” for your bedroom because it is your personal space and you tend to find it very special. So, be very careful about the theme you pick for your bedroom. If you love the minimalist concept, go for it for your personal haven. If you think a Scandinavian bedroom design would be ideal, try designing this area according to it. At the end of the day, you need to feel totally at peace and at home in your bedroom and this depends upon the theme you pick for the same.
  1. The type of furniture you want — The type of furniture you pick for your bedroom design  largely depends upon your lifestyle. If you are a single person who hardly spends even 12 hours in bedroom, then go for a very practical and minimalist furniture for your bedroom. If you are newly married and would like a gorgeous and cozy room for yourself and your partner, then there are lavish furnitures for you to pick from. 
  1. Be careful about the colour combinations — At the end of the day, the colours you choose for your bedroom can be the deciding factor of its beauty and coziness. Some of you have large windows in your bedroom and therefore picking up light shades of white or yellow or orange would be perfect for your bedroom. For those who love vibrant shades, go for it for a fun looking bedroom. Then there are also neutral shades which are the best for minimalist lovers.
  1. Don’t forget the functionality — Opting for the furniture that is very functional for your bedroom is also very practical thought while designing it. Yes, going for the beauty of those pieces in your personal space is a different thing. But remember, you would require the space and this furniture various for things in your bedroom and you have to consider this aspect as well while designing it.
  1. The add on beauty — Apart from that colour theme and furniture, there are various other add on factors to look for when designing your bedroom. This  includes the ceiling colour, the floor that you choose for your bedroom, the art pieces, décor items, lamps, furnishings, frames and so on. Remember to discuss about these with your interior decorator as well when designing your dream bedroom. 

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