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ADHD and Adulthood: Tips for creating a routine

ADHD comes with its unique set of challenges. While its symptoms are on a spectrum, difficulty creating a routine and being organized are its hallmarks in adults.

Therefore, creating a routine that tackles the challenges of focus, unproductivity, and general chaos in life is vital. Some tips that you can utilize for working on making an efficient routine include:

Get support

Joining ADHD support groups in Dubai is helpful for dealing with the condition. You can take tips from people who are in the same boat as you. Moreover, you can also ask for help from adults who can empathize with you and thus guide you better.


It helps always to preplan, and it is also true when trying to make a routine with ADHD. Before the start of the week, sit for a while and enlist all that needs to be done, and fit them into your schedule. You can utilize a planner or a mobile application for this purpose.

And at night, also enlist the tasks that need to be done the next day, so you have an idea about how to go about your day. It also helps in improving your efficiency.

Use technology to your advantage

Try to utilize the different applications for creating a routine. Put alarms, ask Siri to set reminders and timers, utilize the calendar applications, or choose any that can be of help with planning.

Break tasks into smaller chunks

To maintain a routine, try to be realistic about planning. If you overwhelm yourself, chances are, you will not be able to follow through with the plan. So, break down tasks into chunks, and give yourself time to recuperate between them. These help with staying focused and motivated.

Try not to complicate things

Again, if you complicate your schedule, you might not be able to follow through, which naturally is an antithesis of the purpose of routine making. So, keep your planning simple and realistic.

Cut yourself some slack

When days you run behind schedule, or you get distracted so you cannot follow your routine, rather than beating yourself over it, cut yourself some slack. We all have bad days, and it is okay to falter occasionally.

If you are hard on yourself, you may impair your mental health. It may not only hamper your mission of making a routine but also jeopardize your mental health.

Try to work out what works best for you

After every week, assess what were your weak moments and what things worked out for you. Then, use this feedback to tweak your routine so your efficiency and productivity levels improve.

Get expert help when needed

It also helps to get an expert on board if you are having trouble managing your ADHD symptoms and thus your routine.

Work on your sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in your physical and mental health and working on having a proper sleep routine is imperative. If you are having trouble with sleep management, despite earnest efforts, you should consult an expert via Fitcy Health, and choose from its over 200 specialists, available at affordable rates.

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