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Admission for Pakistani Students to Study MBBS in China

For the longest time, Pakistani students have preferred to study MBBS in China as a location to study medicine. The cause of it is that China is home to one of the best medical universities in the world. No one can match the infrastructure of Chinese medical universities; the quality ratio of the curriculum and instruction is exceptional. Numerous Chinese universities are listed in university rankings with an A rating. Pakistani students can easily gain admission to the MBBS program at government universities in China. Only a small number of people can secure a place for MBBS in China, compared to Russia and other nations. It is due to the high caliber of the research. And as a result, each Chinese university has its own, extremely strict eligibility requirements.

Pakistani Students to Study MBBS in China

You should be aware that not all Chinese universities have received the Medical Council of Pakistan’s approval at the time of admission. Only 45 universities have received MCI/NMC certification. Pakistani students must therefore carefully and intelligently choose their university. Please be aware that several of the agents offer multilingual institutions to Study MBBS in China. China’s admissions procedure differs slightly from that of other nations.

  • Before applying, candidates must first review the eligibility requirements.
  • Students must include a scanned copy of the original document with their application.
  • After receiving the admissions letter, which serves as a confirmation letter, for the application.
  • Then, students must submit the notarized documents to the university, including mark sheets.
  • Students currently have to pay a portion of their tuition expenses directly to the university before traveling overseas.
  • Following all of these stages, the student’s residential address was where the invitation letter/JW2 was delivered.
  • When it does, the candidate can submit a visa application.
  • Once a visa is obtained, a departure time will be determined.

Admission for Pakistani students to study MBBS in China

After passing NEET, many Pakistani medical candidates struggle to get accepted into government universities, while private colleges are too expensive. But there is one remedy here to study MBBS in China! For many years, Pakistani students have looked to this country as one of their top choices for MBBS programs overseas. One of the top medical universities in the world, recognized by the MCI and the WHO, is located in China. Also, medical school is much less expensive than private colleges in Pakistan.

According to the Medical Council of Pakistan’s list, China has 45 universities that have received MCI approval. We recommend one of the top 10 A+ or A-rated colleges as one of the top medical consultants in Pakistan. More than 2000 Pakistani students are currently enrolled in studying MBBS in China. In terms of facilities and technology, Chinese institutions are unrivaled. Many students who study medicine in China pursue postgraduate degrees in the United States or Germany.

Numerous Universities provide 5-year programs, but a few offer 6-year ones. Criteria are extremely stringent due to the great demand for MBBS in China. For overseas students, all universities have strict requirements. It’s difficult to get a spot at a prestigious university. Keep an eye out for cheap multilingual universities as well.

How Come MBBS in China?

  • Students can apply for admission to a full-degree program in English that is taught in English.
  • Services and accommodations are of the highest caliber.
  • The level of clinical exposure is significant due to the high population patient flow.
  • In comparison to Pakistan private colleges, the cost of education is lower in government colleges.
  • China has some of the world’s top universities.
  • University scholarship schemes are available.
  • Pakistani students are comfortable with the climate.
  • Global PG exposure is accessible following MBBS completion.
  • In comparison to living expenses in other nations, ours is extremely inexpensive.

MBBS Tuition Fees for Pakistani Students in China

All Pakistani Students can afford the study MBBS in China. A budget of 20 to 30 lakhs can cover the costs of several of the best colleges in the world for six years. Included in the price are university tuition fees, dorm expenses, visa extension fees, and health insurance premiums for Pakistani students. Chinese medical schools have large hospitals where students can practice during clinical rotations; the expense of these facilities is also covered by the university tuition package. As we can see, China is significantly more economical for setting a career for Pakistani students seeking an MBBS thanks to its top-notch amenities for medical education, high standards of clinical procedures, and world-class universities. China also offers educational scholarships to foreign students.


Chinese medical universities are included among the top 500 universities in the world according to rankings. Institutions have their entrance requirements, which are highly strict in comparison to all other universities from other nations, even with this rating. Only a select few students have the opportunity to be admitted to these top-tier universities due to the strict eligibility requirements. Additionally, there aren’t many spaces left for Pakistani students.

  • The minimum age for students is 17.
  • More than 50% is needed in the 12th PCB, and caste students need more than 40%. (For any analogous board, such as CBSC or ISC).
  • The NEET qualification is required. The NEET score is valid for 3 years starting in 2019
  • Some Chinese institutions may require applicants to take an admission exam.
  • The concerned university decides to hold an entrance exam or interview.
  • Chinese colleges have their requirements for MBBS admission for students from Pakistan, such as the necessity for a high NEET exam score, such as one above 250 or 300. Some universities require NEET scores of 400 or higher.
  • The university has score requirements for secondary education/12th board, similar to those for the NEET score. Most top colleges demanded at least 70% in PCB, and just a handful required at least 80%. Every topic at Jilin University needs more than 70 marks.
  • Pakistani students find it tough to study MBBS in China when leading colleges need NEET-qualified freshmen, not repeat students. Additionally, for Pakistani students, several universities request a CBSE board rather than a state board.
  • After the issuance of the admissions letter, universities conduct their interviews. It’s a live interview with Institute faculty members.
  • Similar to other counties, applicants must be 17 years old by December 31.

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