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Air Pump vs Air Compressor: What Is the Difference?

People tend to use the two words air pump vs air compressor interchangeably. Are these two similar? Well, there is some similarity. They both get used to filling air into the tyres of a vehicle. Though the purpose is the same, they give air to two car devices. A closer look will tell one how differently they work.

The air pump vs air compressor debate can start with their basic difference. The pumps can move liquids or gases. Conversely, the compressors only move gas into the car tank. Since gas can get naturally compressed, another similarity between these two is that they have high-pressure rises.

A tyre air device is one of the most useful accessories for car online. This portable device is easy to store and carry. It will come in handy when one gets a flat tyre in the middle of the road.

When one carries tools like a foot pump, it helps them to pump air into the tyres. This tool is cost-effective and does not require any complex mechanism to fix the tyres. All one needs to do is press the pedal repeatedly to pump air.

How Does An Air Pump Vs Air Compressor Work?

Air pump vs air compressor has a difference in the way they work. Both share the same goal but have different mechanisms in their machine. Therefore, their functions also vastly differ.

The air pumps force air through a small hole. The air gets pushed out of this hole at very high pressure. Most air pumps, like piston-powered electric ones, force the air out of the tyres with the help of an electric motor. There are some hand-operated air pumps as well. For instance, the foot pump pumps air into the deflated tyres of bicycles and cars.

The air compressor in the air pump vs air compressor debate is a device that pressurises air in a tank. The pressurised air powers all kinds of devices. For instance, the compressor gets used in the car in the AC system. It pumps the air through the AC vent to provide the car interior with cool air. Without the proper air circulation, that car interior will fail to cool down. The cabin will get filled with warm air. This warm air can also circulate back to the AC system.

Parts of the Pump vs The Compressor 

The air pump is comparatively a simpler device. It has only a few parts and basic makeup. The air compressor in the air pump vs air compressor is more complex with various parts. The following parts are the electric motor, impeller, piston, diaphragm and casing. 

The compressor has the following parts- an electric motor, a pump to compress air, a storage tank, a drain system, pressure controls, inlet filters, and valves. The fuel-operated air compressor will have an engine instead of a motor

Uses of the Pump vs The Compressor 

Air compressors only carry gases, but air pumps carry gases and liquids. Therefore, the compressors are more effective when the gasses need to get transferred from one place to another. Air pumps have various purposes. Amongst the air pump vs air compressor, the air pump gets used in bicycles and bug manufacturing plants. 

The basic function of an air pump is to fill up a space with the air. So any deflated object will get inflated when the air pump gets used. It could be an air balloon or a car or bike tyre. 

Unconventional Uses

The air compressor also has unconventional uses like nail guns, spray paintings, framing crews and even sprinkling water. Of course, they inflate the car tyres. Compared to air pumps, the compressors are more suitable for filling car tyres with air.

One can find air pumps in vacuum cleaners as well. It helps to vacuum dust and other particulate matter. It is absent in the compressor. 

Maintenance of These Devices 

Both the devices in the air pump vs air compressor debate have separate maintenance procedures. Since the parts and functioning differ slightly, the servicing will also differ. The air pumps, with their small parts, have a simple maintenance routine. 

However, for the fuel-operated air compressor, maintenance involves multiple steps. It involves taking care of the internal combustion engine. Electric motors are pretty much self-maintained. Still, one needs to drain the tank with high-pressure air. 

It must get done quite frequently. Otherwise, the high-pressure air moisture will lead to the formation of water inside the tank. Water will lead to tank damage and also rust formation. It can lead the compressor ultimately become dysfunctional. 

Both the device of the air pump vs air compressor from Carorbis are good catches that one should keep in the boot of their car. You never know when the tyre will deflate or need air. They come to provide a quick and hassle-free fix. 

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