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An Effective Guide On Different Type Of Vapor Whips To Follow 

The vaping industry has experienced a huge boom recently due to people shifting from traditional smoking patterns to vapes. Given the recent popularity, various modified versions of vapes have been developed to give users a wide variety of choices. 

Some of the new vaping devices have either been modified from older smoking components whilst others have been created from scratch. A vapor whip is one such device which vaping enthusiasts widely use. We’ll discuss more below.  

What are Vapor whips? 

A vaporizer whip is a device that delivers extracted chemicals in the form of vapor by heating dried cannabis flower or tobacco extracts by concentrating them to a temperature just below combustion. 

The vapor whip is a pervasive vaping device.  There are different types of whips available in the market that fulfill various functions. Vapor whips are often compact and need to be occasionally plugged into a power outlet. They are ideally intended to be used in a stationary setting instead of vape pens and other handheld vaporizers. 

How do Vapor whips work?  

Vapor whips offer much more power than their portable, battery-operated vapes because they often come with a cord and are usually powered by an electrical socket. This results in more overall heating, and a much more powerful fan produces more intense and flavorful vapor. This naturally provides a better user experience. 

The vapor whips bigger size offers a larger battery for longer operational life and fewer recharges. In addition to having a larger substance capacity, it is the perfect instrument for longer vaping sessions or sessions with numerous users. 

In addition to having a range of accessories, such as whips, water pipe extensions, and balloons, vapor whips frequently come with complex controls. Since vapor whips have one or more of these add-ons, their prices are significantly higher than those of portable and generic vapes.  

Best Vapor Whips that you can try 

1. Vapor brothers Viper EZ Change Glass Whip 

The vapor brother, premium vapor whips, comes with borosilicate glass that offers some of the highest quality in vapes.  There is a rigorous checking process for all vaping units for flaws or microfractures using polarised light and other scientific advancements. Since low-quality, fragile glass used by others is often thin, shaky over the heater, and prone to cracking, Vapor brother’s borosilicate glass provides the best, safe vaping experience.  

Additionally, The specialized vaping hole is not included with any models. After experimenting e with several prototypes, it was ascertained that the smoking hole wasn’t accommodating and that its release caused the herbs to become overheated and prematurely brown. However, viper brothers offer the best vapor whips in the market with or without a carb hole. Other features include: 

  • Elimination of hose requirement 
  • Gold standard borosilicate glass 
  • Standardized EZ Change whips grip  

2. Arizer Extreme-Q Vaporizer  

The Extreme-Q desktop vapor whip is a multipurpose device that can whip or fill a bag. The Extreme-Q is a jack of all trades which can be used for smoking and vaping. With Arizer’s Vapor whip, the user is provided with both the whip and the bag experience.  

Additionally, it comes with the Volcano bag-valve system, which is usually deemed a superior method. However, if the whip is filled, it won’t taste as wonderful. They will virtually have no draw resistance, and the vapor will be sealed within. The Extreme-Q whip also features a narrow tube that allows you to take the same size free-flowing draws, but you will need to keep your finger over it to stop leaks. 

3. E-Nano Vapor Whip  

The E-Nano vapor whip is comparable to a scaled-down hardwood Cloud EVO. Every Nano vaporizer is individually hand-made in from sustainable hardwood. The goal is to achieve the utmost efficiency and unadulterated taste. 

This is the smallest vapor whip in circulation and transforms into one of the most covert devices when the glass stem is removed. 

This vaping whip is excellent if you want to save because you will be packing tiny bowls.  The E-nano still has an efficient service despite its reduced cost and small bowl size. You can easily blow out big, dense clouds with this device.  

4. Mighty Plus Vaporizer  

Even though the Mighty+ vaporizer is undoubtedly a portable device, it can be frequently used at home and while traveling. The Mighty vapor whip works excellently if you carry it from one room to another, out onto the deck or yard, and it has exceptional battery life. It may also be used while charging. 

It’s ideally one of the most uncomplicated vaporizers to use and own. The cleaning apparatus is also elementary, and you don’t have to clean it often. The Mighty plus vapor whip is the perfect size to be passed around in a group, and its robust construction is relatively popular among users.  


Vapor whips fulfill many purposes. You can regulate the quality of draw you get from your vaporizer with a whip. A quick pull will result in less vapor, and it also allows you to draw longer and more slowly. Given the choices available, your vaping experience will only become more intense.  

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