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Arch Your Brows by Using the Best Eyebrow Tweezers

You want flawless eyebrows, don’t you? Never-ending is the list of things that we, as women, undertake to perfect our appearance. The eyebrows are one of the parts of our body that must be carefully maintained at all times. The correct arch of your eyebrows can be achieved with relatively little effort and with the use of correct eyebrow tweezers. Believe it or not, a good number of us perform this task on our own with a pair of precision tweezers. The pair of eyebrow tweezers that you use to shape the arch of your brow is quite crucial, and you should never attempt to do such a time-consuming task with anything less than a set of high-quality eyebrow tweezers.

You can learn how to shape your eyebrows precisely by following a few easy steps, and this is something you can do whether it’s your first time doing it or you’re sick of paying someone else to do it for you.

Following these easy instructions will get you well on your way to having eyebrows that are beautifully formed in no time at all!

How to Give Your Brows an Arched Look

Determine where your starting Points Are

No eyebrows are alike. You will need to determine where your starting and ending points are, as everyone has a unique beginning and ending point. Place the open end of your tweezers vertically adjacent to the outer border of the base of your nose. You will need to invert your eyebrow tweezers so that the open end points downward.

They should be worn on the side of your nose, in the space between your nose and your eye. Your eyebrows should start out at an angle that brings them in line with the extremity of your nose. Make a mark on your face just above where your eyebrows start growing so you don’t get lost. After that, you will need to examine the opposite side of your face in order to locate the starting point. It is absolutely necessary for both sides to be in agreement with one another. The very last thing you want is for one of your eyebrows to start lower than the other.

Make a Note of the Endpoints

The open end of the eyebrow tweezers should be positioned at the base of your nose, and the other end should reach the outer corner of your eye. Position the eyebrow tweezers so that they are angled toward your cheek. The location on your brow at which the tweezers make contact should be the one at which you trim the hair. Use your eye pencil to make a mark, and then carefully pull the hairs away from the line.

Determine the Depth of the Brows

You can use an eye pencil to draw a line at the bottom edge of your brow, beginning just below the part of your brow that is the most complete. This line should be drawn so that it is above any stray hairs, and it should follow the original shape of the top line of your brow, which can be angled, somewhat curved, or even straight.

Establish Your Arch Form

Now that you have achieved the desired thickness, it is time to shape the arch of your brows with eyebrow tweezers. Face a mirror and look straight into it. At this stage, you can use your eyebrow pencil to lightly fill in the correct shape of your eyebrows using the color of your choice. The removal of two to three rows of hairs both above and below the eyebrow is a good general rule to follow.

First, remove the hairs from between your eyes by pulling them out. This will make the beginning of your eyebrows look neater. Put the point of the eyebrow tweezers at the base of each hair, and then pull it out from the base using the tweezers. If you continue to pluck beyond the guidance point that you have designated, your eyebrows will end up looking overly thin. If you feel like you’ve reached your goal, move on to the next eye and make sure everything is even. After that, you will be able to tell whether or not there is anything further that has to be plucked.

After you have plucked your eyebrows to your satisfaction, you can use aloe Vera gel, which will immediately reduce the redness.

If you follow these easy instructions, you will have beautiful eyebrows in no time!

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