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Snoring Prevention Tricks and Techniques

Sleeping next to a person who snores regularly can be annoying. Which is why people usually try to find home tricks to stop snoring. Our recommendation is to go to a specialist, either general health or dentistry. To check if there is a problem that is causing the snoring. We offer best in industry products and treatment for Best Dental Services.

Causes Of Snoring

Snoring occurs when air does not circulate freely through the airways that connect the nose to the mouth. This causes a vibration in the throat that generates the noise of snoring. The causes can be diverse, from sleep apnea to nasal congestion.

Sleep apnea is one of the main causes of snoring. It consists of a sleep disorder that affects many people and consists of breathing pauses of several seconds during sleep, which the patient tries to resolve with a quick attempt to introduce air and, therefore, cause snoring. Repeat this process continuously. Which causes a significant alteration in the person’s sleep and a continuous feeling of tiredness during the day.

Apnea can also be associated with diseases such as diabetes or pathologies such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, cerebrovascular conditions, etc. It usually affects 25% of adults over 65 years of age.

Recommendations To Stop Snoring

Some tricks to stop snoring and what the possible causes may be.


At first it seems that being overweight does not have to influence snoring, but the truth is that, while we sleep, the respiratory tract can suffer some obstruction that prevents air from entering and leaving through the mouth normally. Hence, taking care of the diet and avoiding, as much as possible, an excessive increase in weight, will have a positive influence on stopping snoring.


In case of allergy, nasal congestion can prevent us from breathing normally and, on many occasions, allergy sufferers tend to breathe through their mouths. In these cases, it is best to treat the allergy, since snoring in these people is a side effect of the allergy.

Tips To Stop Snoring

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Our recommendation is To Stop Snoring.

1- Use the Humidifier

If the snorer sleeps in a very dry environment, using the humidifier during sleep hours may be beneficial. This device increases the humidity in the room, preventing the throat from drying out too much and causing snoring.

2- Sleeping Posture

People who suffer from sleep apnea tend to snore in any position. But it is true that if they try to sleep on their side, reduces the chances of snoring. On the other hand, if you sleep on your back, snoring tends to be louder and more frequent.

Keeping the head elevated and in line with the neck allows air to pass more smoothly through the airways and it is easier to reduce snoring. To sleep in this position, the use of a higher pillow than usually recommends instead of maintaining an upright posture.

3- Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

If drink alcohol in the hours before going to sleep, it is unlikely that the person will be able to enjoy a deep and restful sleep. The normal thing will be that he sleeps with his mouth open and emits more snores. Also, you will wake up more often than usual.

Tobacco, for its part, produces inflammation in the vocal cords and dries the throat a lot. So, the voice greatly affects and the person can generate snoring more easily.

4- Sleep Routines

It is very useful to try to maintain stable sleep routines, in this way we will sleep the same number of hours every day and it will be easier to fall asleep. Avoid going to bed late because it will prevent you from having a restful sleep and snoring will surely be more frequent. Before going to bed you can try taking certain calming infusions or a spoonful of honey. Mint and eucalyptus tend to relax the muscles and help you sleep soundly and, therefore, stop snoring.

5- Devices That Help Stop Snoring

Anti-Snore Chin Strap is an intraoral device that helps to eliminate snoring and improves the person’s breathing during sleeping hours. The device corrects the position of the jaw so that air circulates freely through the throat. It is an easy and effective way to stop snoring.

Types Anti Snore Devices

Anti-Snore Air Purifier consists of two splints joined by a small screw that inserted into the mouth and slightly advance the lower jaw. In this way, the respiratory duct through which expands the air passes and keeps it open during the hours of sleep. The person stops snoring because they have no problem getting oxygen to the lungs.

If you have problems with sleep apnea or snore regularly and want to solve the problem. Make an appointment with us. At our dental clinic we have the best professionals and the most advanced techniques to correct this or any other problem related to the oral cavity.

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