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Bulk Buying iPhones Things To Consider Before Making The Investment

Buying iPhones in bulk can be risky. But there is a solution to every problem. By overseeing certain things, you can overcome the risk to a maximum extent. When it comes to refurbished wholesale iPhones, making the correct purchase is not as convenient as it seems to be. You want to make it a productive purchase. For this, you require checklists before you make a bulk purchase. Things get tough when you are buying from an online iPhone wholesale supplier. It may seem that purchasing iPhones in bulk are a piece of cake but in fact, it is not. However, an exceptional wholesale supplier that can meet your expectations is 2nd life phones.

2nd Life Phones

2nd life phones are one of are leading wholesale suppliers that you must consider while making an investment. For buying iPhones in bulk, this store has a lot to offer. From large inventory to high-quality and good-functioning phones, you will be amazed by their benefits. The online marketplace provides iPhones that are just the way you want and get them delivered to you in 24 hours. Also, if you fail to get the desired products you can also avail of their refund policy. 2nd life phones provide endless benefits for their customers which serves to expand your business as well as make your investment a fruitful one. 

Things to Consider Before Making The Investment

Make a checklist and mark all these things with the seller before making an investment.

  1. Evidence of Purchase

Asking the seller to provide an original invoice of the purchase enlightens you with two important things. One is the previous ownership of the phone and the other one is the warranty status. Once you get the receipt, you can get an idea that either seller was the first owner and phone isn’t linked to any kind of theft or it is still under warranty. Also, if the iPhone appears to be owned by many people, the security risks and the chances of fraud are considerably high. Therefore, asking the seller for proof of original purchase can keep you in safe hands. 

  1. IMEI Number

IMEI Number helps to match the specifications of the phone with the original receipt. For this, go to Settings> General> About and check out the IMEI number. Another way to find it out is by dialing *#06#. The IMEI Number helps to check against the evidence of purchase. Also, you can check the mobile device network, country, warranty, system version, and other features.

  1. Originality of Parts

While inspecting the phone, look out if there have been any repairs in the past. If yes, then further check if the repairs were carried out by an Apple-authorized service provider. When unauthorized centres repair iPhones, the part is no longer declared authentic. You can ask the seller about all these concerns. 

  1. Touch Test

One of the important things to determine is the touch of the phone. You can ask the seller to press physical buttons to see how fast the iPhone responds. Also, look out for tapping, swiping and other finger movements to see if the screen works perfectly fine. Older iPhones may have a problem with all these things. So, make sure that you determine all these things and pay close attention to all of them. 

  1. Microphone Test

On the list of all the important things, microphone testing holds a significant position. Without this feature, the phone becomes useless. However, there’s no physical way to know the damage to the microphone. For this, you need to ask the seller to demonstrate this by making a call or recording a specific tone to access the quality and functioning of the sound. 

  1. Functional Ports

iPhone has several open ports, especially in older models. These ports are susceptible to water and dust. For this, ask the seller to test the ports by charging the phone using a lightning cable. Or you can also check by inserting the headphone jack. Impaired ports make the iPhone impractical.

  1. Battery Testing

Lastly, it is important to consider the battery health of the phone. Poor battery health may result in fewer hours of usage between charges. Battery health can be checked by Settings>Battery>Battery Health. iPhones with battery health below 80% tend to have decreased performance and require replacement. 


For the start-up of a retail business, the first purchase must be a product to keep you on track. While buying iPhones in bulk, you must check for the above-mentioned things to avoid risks. And for this, the best iPhone wholesale supplier is 2nd life phones. This store guarantees original phones and prohibits the sale of poor-quality and bad-functioning phones. Making a purchase from 2nd life phones will take your business to a next level. 

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