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Construction Topic – Almost Every New Building Project Is a Prototype

The construction sector is very unique. Read Me And perhaps one of the easiest ways to explain what I mean is to consider almost every new construction project a one-off or a prototype. Even if you use the same floor plan. But there are some differences. Rarely is anyone built with a cookie-cutter mindset. And even if you try to sort out everything that is always changing – the floor, facing. Seasonal weather, drainage, customer changes, regulatory and regional changes – OK, let’s talk.

When I started franchising my company (a car wash business) I hired a consultant.

 He told me about another company that had worked from $100,000 start-ups to 500 units in the early days with Midas Muffler. It is an oil change company with prefab building it is plug and play strategy all buildings are same. All they need is a place to put them down. You might think that this is one of the easiest tasks. It is a turnkey business in many ways. Would you like my friend to consider what I said above?

And don’t forget that the company has a prefabricated building and the whole concept is built assuming everything will always be the same, but it never is. A building permit may need to be adjusted due to local laws in a city or county. Or some other type of front landscaping or extra sound proof walls or an extra wall so no one ever sees the work going on in the car. This has happened to me before if you think this will never happen.

Think of a local construction company with a wide variety of clients. Nothing is the same Every new construction project is different. You might think the corridor was built where the famous cookie syndrome actually happened. Of course, there are always roads that turn in different directions, the sun rising on either side, the corner of the earth and the twists and turns of the road. Nothing is the same, but you can force it. But even two identical twins are slightly different. That’s all I can say.

In fact, this can be a good thing because it keeps the construction industry going. 

And make our society not look like a communist camp or a borg land. If you’re looking to open a construction company it’s fun, exciting and a new challenge every day. You should be good at problem solving and regional change. In fact, I hope you will please consider all this and think about it.

The other day I was talking to an electric wash operator from Oregon. He said that the construction sector is still good around there. Portland area where he lives. Previously, he worked mostly in retail shopping centers. Remove graffiti for a clean concrete city. And while many trucks are washing up in the area, he notes that many of his fleet accounts are trying to shrink, as the economy certainly hasn’t hit the 1000 mark. And municipalities around Portland are trying to save money. So they reduce the amount they spend. Number of contracts offered

Today, he notes there are still competitors looking for work, and he recently signed a new contract with a construction company to clean sidewalks and construction site entrances of mud and debris. He asked me if there were any other types of jobs I could do for the construction industry.

For companies that own backhoes, loaders and digging equipment. Earn a lot of money. The radiator must be electro-flushed to keep it free of mud and dirt. Otherwise, the engine and motor will overheat, costing tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Clean by hand using high pressure water jets. Additionally, the blades often require rewelding. Because these tractors break down due to extreme and heavy soil movement. Welders earn quite a bit per hour. And therefore welding cannot be done on unclean surfaces, so it should be washed thoroughly with hot water. This increases throughput incredibly.

I remember one of our electric wash franchises was contracted to clean the tires of every dump truck that left the job site. He used a 2-inch fire hose to get rid of the big stuff because they put big mud in the streets. And one of his men followed, using high-pressure water jets to clean the tires. This kept the city happy and prevented construction firms from being fined.

It’s amazing how much work there is on a construction site. From power washing mold to bending construction concrete to cleaning up the unfortunate graffiti that comes with construction sites at less favorable times.

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