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Discover the Difference of High Quality Matcha

Matcha, a central part of the Japanese tradition and culture, has spread to the Western world too. Apart from being an excellent caffeine alternative to coffee, matcha is a flavorful drink that helps you stay calm and energized. 

Matcha originates from Japan, and it plays a significant role in their culture. Today, matcha is appreciated all over the world because of the vast antioxidants and nutritional properties. It is made in harmony with Japanese farmers and tea producers. Every high-quality matcha is prepared by stone grinding 100% authentic Tencha leaves after covering them in the shade for around 2-4 weeks. 

There are a few ways that can help you identify high-quality matcha, and some of them are mentioned below :

High-quality matcha contains a perfect emerald hue.

The color of matcha is a good indication of its quality. The color of matcha can range from light green to dark forest green, depending on the quality and grade. Higher-grade matcha will have a brighter, more vibrant color. This is because the leaves used to make it are of higher quality, and they are ground more finely. The finer the powder, the brighter the color. If the matcha has a dull or faded green color, it is probably of lower quality. If it is bright and vibrant, it is likely of higher quality.

Most of the high-quality are made in harmony with Japanese culture.

Japan is home to some of the best tea-producing regions in the world. Also, the quality of matcha is consistently high there. So if your matcha originated from Japan, it is more likely going to be of superior quality. 

High-quality matcha has no added preservatives.

The finest quality matcha is prepared by stone-grounding young tea leaves. They have a smooth texture and a rich flavor. The finer particles also stay suspended in liquid longer, resulting in a more intense flavor. It won’t have any added sugar, additives, or flavor. High-quality matcha is 100% pure matcha. 

High-quality matcha has smooth, vegetal notes.

High-quality matcha is made from shade-grown tea leaves that are picked at their peak ripeness and then stone-ground into a fine powder. This process results in a bright green tea with a smooth, vegetal scent that can be quite delightful. Once brewed, high-quality matcha has a complex flavor profile that can range from sweet and grassy to astringent and earthy. Its aroma is equally as varied, with notes of seaweed, grass, and even a hint of smokiness.

High-quality matcha means good reviews.

High-quality matcha is also more likely to get good reviews. When customers purchase a product and enjoy it, they are more likely to leave a positive review. Low-quality matcha, however, can often lead to negative reviews due to its unpleasant taste and texture. So make sure you go through the reviews before making your purchase. 

All in all

High-quality matcha always has a vibrant green color that has a vegetal aroma and taste. It won’t ever have any additives and will always have a smooth texture. All in all, take note of what customers say about flavor, color and texture of the matcha.

The best way to find out the advantages of high quality matcha is to try it for yourself.

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