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Early Treatment for Lower Back Pain Prevents Long-Term Complications

Many overlook mild to moderate pain in the lower back, assuming it will disappear. Medical experts say this is not the right attitude or approach to address lower back pain. It would help if you visited a doctor to assess the root of the pain so that it does not cause further complications in the long run.

There are several options for treating low back pain, and they can be customized to suit a patient’s needs. These treatments can include home care, physical therapy, medicinal remedies, and, in some cases, surgery.

  • Which is the best treatment method?

The best treatment method for the patient depends on the diagnosis of the problem. Specialists from QC Kinetix (Banner Estrella) near Phoenix say some lower back pain treatments are better than others. Still, the combination of all or some of them generally works for the patient. If you suffer from lower back pain, you must avoid all those strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects, intense exercise, etc., aggravating the discomfort and pain. 

  • Home care for lower back pain

If you suffer from mild to moderate lower back pain, self-care at home is essential to arrest the problem. Follow the tips listed below to stop lower back pain at home- 

  1. Resting for a short time: Many cases of lower back pain can be reduced by resting for a short time. Ideally, this rest should last a few days before you resume regular activity. When you witness the signs of lower back pain surfacing, take some time to rest your back to allow it to heal naturally and wholly.
  1. Moderate Activity: If a specific activity triggers low back pain, make it a point to avoid it to prevent the recurrence of pain. For example, if sitting in the car or at a desk starts the pain, set a timer for getting up every 20 minutes to walk. In this way, you are both resting your back and working. You can gently stretch your back to alleviate the pain. If standing aggravates back pain, you should minimize those activities where you must stand for long hours. In short, reduce those chores or activities that set off the lower back pain in your body.
  1. Ice and heat therapy: The heat from a hot water bag, a warm bath, adhesive heat pads, etc., can boost the blood flow in your body and reduce back pain. Increased flow in the blood brings nutrients to the muscles in the body, allowing them to stay strong and healthy. If you have low back pain with inflammation, use ice packs to treat the swelling in the area. Remember, when applying ice and heat to the lower body, ensure you protect your skin to prevent damage to the tissues in the body.

If your lower back pain increases, do not neglect the problem. It would help if you immediately visited an excellent doctor to assess the root of the pain. You can successfully reduce complications in the long run when you opt for early treatment of lower back pain.

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