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Five Fun Indoor Activities To Enjoy This Winter In Calgary

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Winter in the city of Calgary can be a time of beauty and fun, with a chance to enjoy plenty of indoor activities. From curling up by the fire with a good book to enjoying the city’s many performing arts venues, there are plenty of options for staying entertained in the colder months. Here are five fun indoor activities in Calgary this winter – from cozy crafts to exciting performances. Whether you’re looking for something to do alone or with your family, there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. So grab your coat and head indoors for some winter fun in Calgary.

  1. Visit The Calgary Zoo

With winter in Calgary comes superfun Calgary indoor activities to keep the little ones busy. Visit the world-renowned Calgary Zoo to learn about wildlife and get up close with some fantastic animals! Animals such as penguins, great big cats, bears, monkeys, and more can be seen in their winter habitats. Kids will get a chance to explore the zoo’s interactive displays and outdoor exhibits. There are also educational programs available for kids to attend, making it an especially enjoyable way for them to spend time indoors. Kids will also love meeting all sorts of furry friends during daily animal shows held by zoo experts. In addition, there is Teaming Life’s Little Explorers program specially designed for children three and four years old – fun activities filled with interesting facts about different animals have made this popular among kids! So this winter, why not head indoors and enjoy all these superfun Calgary indoor activities at our world-class Calgary Zoo?

  1. Support Local Performing Arts

The beauty of winter in Calgary is that many of the city’s performing arts venues are indoors, making them a perfect place to enjoy during the colder months. The Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, home to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, is one of the top places to enjoy during the winter season, with a wide range of performances from classical to pop and everything in between. Another venue that’s sure to entertain is the Centre for the Performing Arts at the University of Calgary. Open year-round, the centre hosts a variety of local and international performing arts, with the season running from September to April. And if reading is more your thing, you can also enjoy a performance at the Calgary Public Library, which hosts a variety of shows throughout the winter season.

  1. Enjoy Calgary’s Local Brewing Culture

There’s nothing better than enjoying a warm beverage during the winter months, and Calgary is home to some of the best local breweries to enjoy. Enjoy a tasting tour of the city’s various breweries, which will keep you warm in winter. Start your tour at the Big Rock Brewery, where you can enjoy a free tour and a free tasting, followed by a visit to the Blindman Brewing Company, where you can learn more about local craft beer while enjoying a tasting of three beers. Or visit the Fort Calgary Brewing and Distilling Company, located in the historic site of the first Calgary fort, and enjoy a tasting of two beers and a whiskey. You can also visit the beer-themed bar, The Brew & Stew, for indoor enjoyment.

  1. Get Crafty

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy indoor crafting, and Calgary has plenty of options, including knitting and sewing workshops, pottery, and more. The Calgary Public Library also hosts various indoor crafting events throughout the winter season, making it a great place to get creative. If you’re looking for something a bit more hands-on, you can also visit The Yarn Company and Textile Studio, where you can enjoy private knitting and sewing parties. Or visit The Jam Shoppe for a hands-on pottery experience that will keep you warm on those colder days. As you would expect, indoor sporting events are a big part of Canadian culture.

  1. Plan A Movie Night

You can always plan a movie night indoors if you’re looking for a more low-key way to enjoy the winter season. Visit one of Calgary’s many movie theaters, including Cineplex Cinemas CrossIron Mills, Scotiabank Theatre Calgary, or Landmark Cinemas Gasoline Alley, to name a few, to enjoy a night of movies. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can host a movie night at home, equipped with all the comforts of a theater, like blankets, snacks, and the ability to pause the movie if you need a break. One of the great things about winter is that you can do plenty of indoor activities with your family. Consider bringing kids to one of Calgary’s many indoor play centers if you have kids. There are plenty of options for all ages, including Jumping Beans, which offers a wide range of indoor activities for kids, including a toddler play area, a climbing wall, a mechanical surfboard, and an arcade. Another indoor activity you can enjoy with your family is bowling, which is a great way to bond and enjoy some friendly competition.


Winter in Calgary is sure to provide lots of indoor entertainment, with plenty of options for people of all ages. From visiting the zoo to enjoying a night of movies at home, there are plenty of indoor activities this winter. Whether you prefer to get crafty or enjoy a night out at a local brewery, there are many ways to stay entertained this winter in Calgary.

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