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Go Celebrity Watching in Hamptons, NY, in an Exotic Car! 

If you are out celebrity watching at the Hamptons, NY, make sure you are in an exotic car. Make a statement. So what if you aren’t a celebrity that the world knows? But you are a celebrity in your life. And, pulling over in a grand Mercedes can make you a celebrity amongst your family, friends, and the neighborhood. 

So, before you plan a visit to this South Fork of Long Island, make sure you have all the elegant things packed in your bag and rented a sleek luxury car. 

The latter should not be a problem because New York has a few prestigious rentals that provide an irresistible fleet. Choose a car that fancies you and zoom off to the Hamptons in style and sophistication. 

Renting in New York 

It’s as easy as baking a pie; in fact, easier than baking a pie! 

First, you make sure you are with the most esteemed names in the city. Search for “exotic car rental near me.” A good search increases your chances of landing with the most reputable rentals. 

Then, check the availability of the car on the company’s website by filling up the pickup and return dates. 

Next, the rentals would ask you to produce a valid driver’s license and matching insurance. If insurance does not match your license, you must produce an address proof. It is mandatory to have insurance, as the city does not allow rentals to sell insurance. 

You may also need to put your credit card on file. That’s all. With everything in place, you get your car keys, or you can arrange for a pickup at your place. 

See and then sit

Please inspect the car thoroughly before you sit inside it and zoom off. Even the slightest damage can put you in trouble. The rentals would charge you for this. So, if you find something wrong with the car, please inform the officials so that you are safe. 

When you rent a Mercedes from a prestigious rental, you must hardly worry about the condition of the car. That’s what they are known for – the most upgraded fleet with each car in top condition. 

Isn’t it a dream to drive a luxury car in the Hamptons and come across a celebrity? Imagine – you are just stepping out of your Mercedes, and you meet Jennifer Lopez or Leonardo DiCaprio! Let your dream come true. Take lady luck with you!  

With an impressive car fleet available at your nearest rentals, your dream turns into reality.

What if I don’t want to drive to Hamptons?

You have two options:

  • You can rent a chauffeured car. This may add to your cost, though. 
  • You can reach Hamptons by public transport or cab. Then, find an exotic car rental in Hamptons, NY, and rent a car there! 

The renting process is similar to that in New York. This way, you will save yourselves from driving all the way from New York to Hamptons, which is about 100 miles from NY. 

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