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Senior Gwadar Security Forces 2023

These thoughts shared by the President of Pakistan. during his remarks at the concluding ceremony. of the 5th Maritime Gwadar Security Workshop 2023 (MARSEW-5). which held at the Pakistan Navy War College in Lahore. At the function, the distinguished guest of honor was President Alvi. Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi, the Chief of the Naval Staff, was also present at the event. Officials from both the government. and the armed forces were present for the ceremony’s conclusion.

Readjustment of priorities:

During his speech at the ceremony. the president stated that regional countries Gwadar Security, including Pakistan. were facing challenges due to the changing regional and global situation. that new alliances were in the making, and that readjustment of priorities. and preferences in multiple domains, including in the maritime domain. which necessitated the country to remain alert. and adjust itself in the emerging situation with dignity, honour. and preserving its sovereignty in decision making. He added that new alliances were in the making, and that readjustment of priorities.

Harness the potential of Pakistan:

And preferences in the president emphasised the importance of increasing. the speed at which decisions made, making decisions. that are right and timely. and implementing those decisions in a timely manner in order to keep up. with the rest of the world in all areas, including. the global maritime security environment. and to fully harness the potential of Pakistan’s human, natural, and maritime resources.

Achieving regional goals:

The president emphasized the significance of a robust economy in achieving regional goals. and international recognition. and preserving a balance in order to go forward with dignity. and respect in the context of international relations. He said this was a prerequisite for achieving these goals. In light of this, he went on to say that it was essential to investigate. novel approaches to boost the productivity of the country in all areas. including the cultivation of high-quality human resources, the expansion of our commercial. and financial activities, the acceleration of our industrialization efforts. the modernization of work procedures through.

Incorporation of digital technology:

The incorporation of digital technology and artificial intelligence. and the funding of research and development in the field of quantum computing. This was necessary to maintain a reasonable economic outlook. and to continue to improve it on an ongoing basis. In addition, he mentioned that Pakistan was running out of time. It is necessary for it to take concrete action regarding all of the issues facing the state. According to what he said. The Parliament needs to devote time. and effort into the process of establishing laws in order to bring. about reforms and to provide ease. for the purpose of quicker development and advancement.

Encourage a system:

The bureaucracy should implement the decisions with well-thought-out KPIs. and following a definite timeline, which, according to him. would help the country in overcoming its financial problems. and economic difficulties and lead the country towards progress and prosperity. The government is responsible for making the right decisions. at the right time, and the bureaucracy implementing those decisions. “We should promote and encourage a system. which has no space for corruption and corrupt practices. It is efficient, effective, productive and capable of moving. and aligning itself with the fast moving and rapidly progressing world,” he said. “We should promote and encourage a system.

Enormous human resource:

Which has no space for corruption and corrupt practices. It is efficient, effective, productive and capable of moving. and aligning itself with the president. even though Pakistan is the fifth largest country in terms of population. this enormous human resource is not being fully utilised. This is due to the fact that over 20 million children are not in school,. women are not a part of the productive economic cycle due to cultural and social taboos. and the enrollment rate in higher education is only 9% compared to 23%. in the countries that border Pakistan. In order to completely develop Pakistan’s marine industry. and bring it to its maximum potential, he emphasized.

Sanctioned internationally:

the importance of increasing the number of skilled graduates and training human resources. In order to protect Pakistan’s priceless marine resources. such as fish, marine flora and fauna, and the ecosystem. The president emphasized the importance of adopting environmentally responsible fishing and maritime practices. He advocated for the use of boats. that were less harmful to the environment. fishing nets that sanctioned internationally. and best practices, as well as the introduction of new technology and expertise. This would allow for the catching, preserving, and exporting of marine products.

Comparable marine resources:

While adhering to internationally recognized standards and procedures. Additionally, he advocated for the promotion. and encouragement of sea route linkages.. with the rest of the world for the purpose of promoting trade. and business. He stated that it was sad that the country was unable to fully exploit. the sea resources with discretion, and that as a direct result. the country’s exports were significantly lower in comparison to those of other countries. with comparable marine resources and coastlines.

Region’s aspiring hegemon:

The president also emphasized the importance of putting into action. the decisions passed by the United Nations. particularly those that deal with the conflict in Jammu and Kashmir. in order to maintain peace and stability in the region surrounding the Indian Ocean. He went on to say that India’s belligerence. and self-proclaimed role as the region’s aspiring hegemon. could lead to instability in the area. The president of Pakistan expressed his admiration. for the Pakistan Navy and gratitude. for the successful completion of the 5th series of the workshop.

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