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Hillandale Farms – Methodologies of Certifications

Industrial agriculture is a cruel industry. Hens, used for the production of eggs, in particular, undergo indescribable pain. Widely accepted egg-laying practices include shackling large numbers of hens in manufacturing barns, beak trimming without painkillers, as well as emulsification. These are the methods by which chickens get extracted alive. 

Hillandale Farms On Animal-Friendly Environment 

Hillandale Farms have worked on this thoroughly, as a graded egg production farm, they have incorporated various methodologies to work efficiently and meticulously. For them taking care of the hens are equally important as taking care of their employees and customers. As conventional farming methods, these methodologies mostly are excluded from state anti-cruelty legislation which Hillandale Farms follow. 

What Are The Methods They Follow? 

Growing customer supply for eggs generated in less harsh situations has resulted in an emergence of aspects and tags intended to tempt customers. However, the sheer number of iterations can be perplexing — often on intent. Furthermore, Hillandale will never use misrepresentative illustrations on egg containers, which may further misguide customers. Hillandale Farms aims to provide its customers with detailed information to avoid misunderstanding.

Cage Free Operation

The terms free-range and cage-free correspond to the surroundings where the hens are grown to house. Hillandale Farms follow these terms for all their animals so that they live a better life. animal cruelty is strictly prohibited on this farm. Employees who join Hillandale get the proper training to treat animals. 

Free Range

Hillandale Farms have incorporated “Free range”, they are taking care of the fact that eggs have to be obtained by hens who have already unrestricted access to nutritious food, water, as well as the outdoor environments all through their egg-laying process. The United States Department of Agriculture requires these prerequisites (the USDA). Once hens’ egg-laying cycles are complete, they are slaughtered; these things are highly prohibited in Hillandale. 

Hillandale Farms’ hens reside in free-range amenities and have access to the outside world. They also provide all facilities to hens. For this reason, the eggs are labeled cage-free. They look after the hens even after they have finished laying eggs.

Certificates & Accomplishments

The production strategy of Hillandale has enabled the farm to win people’s trust. The management has adhered to animal safety and high production quality since the inception of the farm. This ideology has earned Hillandale its certificates of accomplishment. The animal-friendly operation of Hillandale has earned the farm its Animal Welfare Certificates. United Egg Production or UEP is a prestigious certificate that signifies better operation at animal farms. Hillandale has received this certificate because of its carefree operation and animal cruelty-free production. They have many animal welfare programs to maintain their animal-friendly farming business. 

Hillandale Farm is concerned with animal health and welfare. They run background checks on all workers before they are executed. Employees’ Code of Conduct expressly prohibits animal abuse, deliberate abuse, and overlook, as well as needs urgent disclosure. So that any kind of deception does not occur. They have also received an Animal Welfare Program certificate for these measures. Kevin Jackson, the CEO of the farm, assures that the legacy of Hillandale will be followed in the future as well. 

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