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Hiring a rental service for your event, here’s why?

Are you looking for some company taking away your last minute worries of managing an event, well look no more because Dj equipment rental has got you covered. We at Paradox productions will take care of all your needs for an event and you can find us on 2700 Gerritsen Ave, Brooklyn NY 11229.  

We all know that managing an event can turn into a nightmare when thing don’t go as planned. Well that’s the case usually. So, it is preferred to hire a company to handle the management part. Renting a company for your events is the new norm. From birthday party to weddings to graduation celebrations, Dj equipment rental has options for all. It is not only time effective but cost effective as well. Rather than buying all themed arrangement for once only, hire us to make your experience more personal. Paradox productions ensures that our client enjoys the event and make every moment worthwhile rather than worrying for last minutes mess ups.

When it comes to décor, Dj equipment rental has various options to bring all our customized dreams to reality. With the wide range of audio, lighting and staging our clients can pick their own designs. We have Special FX, Moving lights, conventional fixtures etc. all you want for your event. For event staging our team comprises extremely creative individuals that can turn your dream event into reality. Our creative directors work very hard with designs and cover every domain from staging area décor to custom fabrications, 3D LED lighting and 3D previsualization. We aim to bring all your dream ideas to reality with the help of our super talented team. Paradox productions strives to work along our client ideas and provide the best possible implementation of what our client has in their mind.

Not only pre event planning, we manage live events to handle any on the go worry. We are here to take all your worries go away and manage everything from lighting to stage décor to most apt sound system for your event. We have options for all themes available and our team works tirelessly to make every occasion worthwhile. Our services are not only limited to Brooklyn, we are also available for, Long Island, Pennsylvania, Upstate NY, Connecticut, New Jersey, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. You can reach out to us on our website and contact us by filling the form on your website. Here’s to Happy Events!

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