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How to choose the right magnesium? Useful properties and application of the element

Magnesium is an essential element for the normal functioning of the human body. The trace element occupies the bulk of tissues and cells. It also takes part in important biological processes, helps to produce hormones, transmits impulses correctly, and controls muscle contraction. 

There are such forms of magnesium :

Chelated are minerals that have a bond with amino acid proteins. The shape makes them easy to digest. The price of chelated mineral supplements can be higher than other types of components since many complex processes are involved during production. They are effective in terms of increasing the level of the component due to the good absorption of amino acids by the body; 

Magnesium L-Threonate works in symbiosis with the L-Threonate component (connecting trace elements L-chronic and Threonate). Responsible for improving mental health.

Magnesium glycinate and bis-glycinate – bond with glycine. Benefits: ensuring optimal bioavailability, reduces stress, helps to eliminate panic attacks, no laxative effect.

taurate – connection with taurine. Responsible for improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system preventing heart attack and atherosclerosis, and normalizing calcium levels while protecting blood vessels from calcification;

orotate is a symbiosis with orotic acid (also called Vitamin B13). Good bioavailability has a nourishing effect on heart cells. Enjoys wide popularity among athletes;

magnesium malate – contains malic acid, which has a good effect on energy and reduces muscle pain. It is recommended to drink in the morning since taking it at night can negatively affect the quality of sleep;

magnesium chloride is used for application to the skin, as it is well absorbed through it. Buy baths with magnesium salts or oils. A good option for relieving joint or muscle pain in the first case and for skin/hair in the second;

oxide – used to improve digestion. It is a laxative. Neutralizes foreign acids that have entered the intestines, is used for heartburn, and increased acidity of gastric juice;

magnesium B6 – a complex with vitamin B6 improves the functioning of the central nervous system and neutralizes the deficiency of the component in the body.

The benefits of magnesium for the body

Summarizing the above properties of various types of magnesium, it is worth determining the function of this trace element in the human body. 60% of the component contains bones, and the remaining 40% is found in muscles, blood, soft tissues, and other fluids. It has a positive effect on the cellular part of the body. Generates energy using adenosine triphosphate molecules.

The component has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It is mostly found in digestive enzymes, which contribute to good bowel function. It is used for stomach problems, including constipation.

  • Other main roles of Mg:
  • relieves hypertension;
  • participates in the normalization of the processes of bile release, stimulating it;
  • creates a balance between low and high-density lipoproteins;
  • stabilizes the work of the brain and nervous system, eliminates stress and anxiety;
  • normalizes the work of the female and male reproductive systems, can be taken during PMS to facilitate the passage of the menstrual cycle;

improves the absorption of vitamin B.

If it is not enough, then problems with well-being and the functioning of organ systems are provided. Alcohol, tobacco (nicotine in particular), and fatty and refined foods deplete the body of magnesium and interfere with its absorption, so it is advisable to exclude such foods from your diet if there is a lack of a trace element.

magnesium deficiency 

There are many symptoms indicating that the body needs additional replenishment of magnesium. More than 10 years ago, researchers from Germany proved the importance of the supplement and checked the body’s depleted magnesium condition. The following reasons for the deficiency were identified:

  • bowel problems (nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, heartburn, constipation);
  • lack of coordination;
  • the person looks and feels tired;
  • problems with the nervous system – twitching of the fingers and eyelids, convulsions, numbness of the legs and arms, the body in unhealthy excitement with temperature changes, insomnia, apathy, anxiety);
  • desire to eat sweets. This is especially evident in girls during the menstrual period and in athletes, when a large proportion of magnesium is excreted from the body during intense exercise;
  • impaired concentration, hypertension;
  • a decrease in calcium levels, and subsequently, problems with bones and the musculoskeletal system.
  • To eliminate and prevent the above symptoms of magnesium deficiency, it is worth taking it regularly in the form of supplements.

The benefits of magnesium for the female body

Magnesium separately affects the health of men, women, and children. Speaking of the female body, it improves the condition of the skin, hair, teeth, and nails because, in case of its deficiency, the calcium level in the body decreases. You can slow down the aging process and improve metabolic processes by taking a microelement.

Due to its good effect on the digestive system, it prevents the accumulation of excess fatty tissue. During the reception, the nervous system improves. The person becomes less irritable and distracted. With magnesium deficiency, women experience profuse sweating, heaviness in the head, weakness, and fatigue for no reason.

Magnesium bath flakes have a positive effect on the female reproductive system. This is especially evident with PMS and the menstrual cycle. Mg improves hormonal metabolism and internal female reproductive organs, including the uterus and placenta. Prevents the occurrence of inflammation and increases immunity to them.

Magnesium for pregnant women

Taking the supplement to pregnant women can increase the likelihood of bearing and giving birth to a healthy baby. With a deficiency, the risk of miscarriage or problems with the development of the fetus increases significantly. 

There are also problems with opening the cervix and increasing its tone and placental calcification. In any case, before taking magnesium, pregnant women should consult their gynecologist to avoid unforeseen circumstances during pregnancy.

The role of magnesium in the body of children

Unlike adults, in children, magnesium deficiency is manifested by frequent mood swings and capriciousness – symptoms of a violation of the central nervous system’s processes. The child ceases to feel safe, and concentration is disturbed, which causes a decrease in the desire to learn.

Magnesium is the worst enemy of stress and anxiety, as it helps balance excitation and inhibition of brain regions.

It should not be denied that magnesium deficiency in children contributes to a decrease in appetite and is practically no different from the above symptoms of a lack of this supplement in a child’s body.

Magnesium for men

You might think this component has the same role in the female, male, and children’s organisms, but this is not. Certain differences make it individually useful to any gender. In men, magnesium deficiency has the following consequences:

Increased excitability of brain cells, which leads to psycho-emotional failure and physical stress;

Poor natural production of vitamin D decreased testosterone levels. By the way, after 35 years, testosterone levels spontaneously decrease every year, and in order not to speed up this process, it is necessary to maintain magnesium levels;

magnesium contributes to the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and atherosclerosis. Studies have been conducted that have shown that a large percentage of deaths from a heart attack is present in men under 55;

The supplement helps in gaining muscle mass. If magnesium is in short supply, achieving the desired figure is problematic.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain sufficient Mg to strengthen male strength, reduce physical stress, prevent heart disease, and gain muscle mass. Its deficiency slows down the metabolic processes and can even lead to death from a heart attack.

The magnesium content in foods

It is only sometimes necessary to take this trace element in the form of powders and tablets. A large amount of it is found in natural foods: vegetables, fruits, and legumes. 

It is worth noting that natural magnesium has a low degree of absorption, and to prevent its deficiency, and it is necessary to abandon spicy and fatty foods.

Mg can be found in bananas, arugula, spinach, and walnuts. It is also in various spices – coriander, sage, cocoa beans, soy, and anise. A magnesium diet is great for vegans and vegetarians, but it’s still best to take a closer look at dietary supplements from NOW Foods. This manufacturer produces magnesium specifically for people who do not consume animal products in their diet. 

Normal daily dosage of magnesium

Children, men, women, and pregnant women have their standard intake of microelements. For example, men need 400 mg per day. If we are talking about a large person, then 450 milligrams of the product will be enough. Smokers and bodybuilders require at least 500 mg of magnesium.

Women need to consume at least 320 mg of the component to maintain the body in a normal magnesium balance. The daily norm for pregnant women is 360 mg, and for breastfeeding women – 390.

The child’s age determines the need for Mg for children. Up to six months, giving the child no more than 30 mg is required. Up to a year, the dosage is 75 milligrams. From 1 to 3 years – 80 mg. From four to eight years, the daily norm is 130 grams. At a more mature school age (9-13 years old), the dose is 240 mg, and in the transition period (from 14 to 18 years old) – 360 mg for girls and 410 for boys.

Thus, magnesium is an important and indispensable component for the functioning of the central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, reproductive system, and the health of the heart and blood vessels. 

With a deficiency of this trace element, metabolic and metabolic processes are disturbed, a person feels irritated and lethargic, and a breakdown appears. You can find its various forms for each individual in our Fitness Factor online store.

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