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How to Draw Curly Hair Easily

How to Draw Curly Hair. Drawing hair is usually a challenge at best. We see the hair on our heads every day, but if you sit down to draw them, you might find it harder than you think.

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Hair has no fixed shape. It can take many forms and has a unique texture.

Of all the hair types you can draw, drawing curly hair is feared the most by artists.

It may be too difficult, but this guide aims to show you that it doesn’t have to be to Draw Curly Hair! The Time Machine

How to Draw Curly Hair

Step 1

To begin this curly hair drawing guide, let’s start with the head’s jaw, where the hair will be located.

To make it easier for the next few steps, you can use a light-colored pencil to draw a rough shape of the head to use as a guide for where you’ll place the hair.

Once you’ve used two curved lines to create the jaw and neck of the head, you’re ready for step 2 to Draw Curly Hair.

Step 2

Before you start adding the hair of your curly hair design, you should first use a curved line to draw the other side of the neck.

Once it’s there, you can use a line below and between them.

Now you can start drawing the hair itself. This may sound not very easy, but if you take it slow and follow the reference image carefully, you’ll do a great job!

To make things easier, start by drawing an M shape on the forehead of the head. You can then use it to extend lines into the first twisted curls. Finally, use curved lines over the curls to shape the top of the head to Draw Curly Hair.

Step 3

Now that you have the beginning of the hair on your curly hair design, you can start working. I recommend working right to left of the hair you drew in the previous step.

By carefully following the guide image, you can use many curved lines to create more curls and the top part of the head.

Also, for this step, I recommend drawing this and the next few steps with a light pencil before going over it with a pencil.

Also, don’t worry about it looking exactly like the picture! You can change some of the hair’s details and texture, which would still look amazing to Draw Curly Hair.

Step 4

The next steps to draw your curly hair are easier than the previous ones.

In this step, we will add more curls under the hair you drew in the previous step to Draw Curly Hair.

Step 5

I have good news for you because you have all the difficult parts behind you!

However, as you know, hair is not a solid piece, so in the next few steps, we will add some details to make it look like it is made up of many strands of hair.

Starting with the section of hair on the right, you should draw lots of thin, winding lines to create the look of a hair texture to Draw Curly Hair.

Step 6

After you’ve styled your first hair texture, you can add more.

For this step of our curly hair drawing guide, you can start by moving further to the left on the head and adding lines to the hair in the middle of the head to Draw Curly Hair.

Step 7

You know the drill by now, so for this step of your curly hair design, add more lines to the bottom part of the hair.

Step 8

You’re almost done with your curly hair design, so continue adding lines of texture, this time to the large curl near the side of the head to Draw Curly Hair.

Step 9

With this step of our curly hair drawing guide, you can add the final details!

Draw Curly Hair

Only a few more lines are needed for the remaining part of the hair, and you can add a few lines to create the collarbone under the neck.

Once you’ve added these details, it’s time for the final step to Draw Curly Hair!

Step 10

This was a more difficult drawing, but you’ve done a great job getting this far!

Curly Hair Drawing

Now that your curly hair drawing is ready let your creativity run wild and add some color to your drawing!

We’ve shown one way you can colorize your drawing, but let your creativity run wild for this step!

It’s fun to dye your hair the same color as yours to Draw Curly Hair!

Once you’ve decided what color to draw your hair, you can have fun with your favorite art mediums and tools to give your drawing a stunning finish!

Your Curly Hair Drawing is Finished!

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