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 How to Manage Time Effectively while Preparing for JEE Advanced Exam

The most essential thing in the life of any person is time. Therefore, it would help if you utilised your time wisely so that you are enjoying the best moments of your life to the fullest. Also, time gives you enough opportunities to ensure success in the dedicated moment. Especially for a student preparing for the JEE advanced examination, time is the single factor that provides complete success along with hard work. Since you are short of time and the JEE advance syllabus is vast, you should utilise each moment of this year wisely to get enough opportunities to study better and work harder. Here are some tips that will help you manage your time effectively as you are preparing with your JEE advance syllabus for the exams. 

  • Prioritise your subjects and difficult sides — The first step to managing your time wisely is prioritising what you want to learn for longer. Some subjects or topics you would find challenging might require a lot of your time. You must dedicate a reasonable amount of time to them. Others, which you are great at, can wait for some time or schedule fewer hours for them.
  • Prepare a schedule — Preparing a plan and following a strict timetable is a great way to achieve your goals on time. This also reduces your hours’ wastage, which will work wonders for you later. So, since the start of the year, prepare a schedule that helps you dedicate a reasonable amount of time to each subject and topic. Also, following this schedule without any tweaks is essential for its success. 
  • Spend less time on smartphones — Not wasting your time on smartphones or other devices is an excellent step for managing it correctly for the year you are preparing for the JEE advanced syllabus. This will save a lot of quality time and attention that you could otherwise dedicate to your studies and complete the portion.
  • Be consistent in your studies — Staying consistent as you study for your exams and learn everything regularly also helps you to save time. Since you periodically study the topics, it retains the matter in your mind, and you save the time that otherwise is required for revision. See to it that you dedicate at least two hours to your studies daily for the entire year.

Use a good study application — A good studying application also helps you to save a lot of time as you prepare for your JEE advance syllabus. Since you are already getting a lot of information and solutions readymade from these applications, you save time preparing those. The pre-recorded lectures in these applications can help you if you skip your college classes and want to study through them. The 24/7 support enables you to clear your doubts instantly, and you don’t lag in a subject simply because you have a doubt. 

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