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How to play poker

Poker, also known as poker, is one of the hottest games at the VN88 house. Do you know how to play poker? The following article VN88 TNTA will guide quickly how to play poker for rookies from A – Z in the most accurate way. Guarantees you an effective way to play, the chances of getting a bonus are extremely good.

Introduction to online poker game at VN88

Poker game is played with a basic 52-card deck, so it’s very easy to play. However, in poker will only use about 32 cards from 7 to Ace only. In it, the chess pieces from 2 to 6 will be removed from the game. The size of these cards will all be compared by the number form, then the suit will be taken into account. The maximum number will be Ace – Poker and the lowest is 7. The quality will be in the order of Bich – Co – Ro – Tep.

Rules of Poker

At each round of poker betting, when it is your turn, you will have the following 4 options:

Set Up: Quit the current game. The player who must choose to discard will only lose the money wagered in the previous bets.

Theo: Continue playing, if there is a player who needs to make a bet first, they will need to add money to the eraser equal to the amount of money the previous player has made.

Poker: Including “Theo” and will put more money in the eraser, the amount of extra money will be limited from 1 to 20 times the stake of the game.

All-in: You will put all your money in that eraser.


Above is sharing and answering the question of how to play poker and instructions on how to play basic poker for rookies. What are you waiting for, let’s go to register vn88 (dang ky vn88linkvao) to join the most entertaining games right away!

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