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How to throw the finest cocktail party at home in 2023

One of the most common ways to celebrate the holidays in a non-traditional fashion is with Christmas cocktail parties. A fantastic assortment of cocktails are served along with straightforward dishes at this Christmas get-together with friends or family. The venue is a festively adorned holiday home. But how exactly does one organise a cocktail party? We have outlined the fundamentals for you!

The Cocktail Bar

Obviously, the most crucial aspect of a holiday cocktail party is planning the beverages. Let’s start with a few possibilities first:

You can choose between a full bar and a drink menu.

Together with Cocktailicious, we have created a cocktail recipe booklet that includes all of our seasonal favourites. You’ll discover seven delectable recipes in the booklet, along with listings of the ingredients, a list of the bar tools required, and a description of the processes.

The Meal

The food selections don’t need to be overly elaborate because the drinks are the major attraction. Simple items like tapas platters, snack plates, or finger foods will do. Below are a few illustrations of straightforward menus:

Grilled garlic shrimp, patatas bravas, and various skewers are on the tapas menu.
A cheese platter with a variety of cheeses, a charcuterie plate with sliced meats, and a dish of bread and dips are on the menu for snack plates.
Small quiches, mini pizzas, and crisp potato nibbles are on the menu for finger foods.

Once you’ve decided on a menu, be sure to stock up on all the necessary items and get to work right away. When you could be providing cocktails, you don’t want to be occupied with serving food.

The Decorations

It’s time to begin creating the scene now that the two most crucial phases have been completed. Your guests will feel at ease right away thanks to the festive atmosphere created by decorating your home for your holiday cocktail party. To create a cosy ambiance, decorate your home with Christmas decorations, adorn your bar with holly, and hang Christmas lights. It’s getting close to Christmas time! You might even decide to have a theme and dress code if you want to step up your game.

The Preparation

The final but not least—the planning advice! Good planning abilities are necessary for all successful parties. We’ve created a checklist for those of you who don’t have that particular ability:

Consider the number of guests you wish to invite before sending out one of our spectacular invitations.

1. If required, make sleeping arrangements for your visitors.
2. If you don’t want to have to wash glasses between servings, make sure you have enough for the various cocktails.
3. Consider asking a bartender, depending on the size of the group. Another person who jumps in to assist could be a friend or a cousin. You can probably take care of the beverages yourself if there is a small group there.
4. Perform a trial run of the cocktails you have selected in advance so you are prepared.
5. Drink a beverage, and don’t forget to have fun!

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