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You may have seen the Dope Snow brand when searching for a new snowboarding or skiing jacket. The store carries a wide variety of affordable coats. When contrasted to more conventional manufacturers like The North Face and Columbia, these coats stand out for their hip, contemporary design.

After twenty years on the slopes, I finally felt the need to upgrade my outerwear. For the majority of my ski days, I go to New England, where temps range from around 5 degrees to about 30 degrees Fahrenheit, so I needed to find an economical jacket that will keep me warm in these conditions.


Both of my prior coats, from The North Face and Eddie Bauer, cost between $300 and $400. Both jackets were fantastic, however I unfortunately lost one in the move and tore the other. I had around $250 to spend on a new coat on dope snow coupon.


I had a hard time finding decent-looking, reasonably priced coats that would keep me warm during the harsh New England winters when I shopped online at stores like Backcountry and Evo. In the price range of $200–$300, I found mostly outer shell jackets from popular brands that would not give the necessary insulation.

I was able to discover a couple coats I liked that were also within my price range, but the reviews I read all complained that the dope snow jackets were too thin.
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A few more hours of browsing online brought me to a Google ad for a company called Dope Snow, which sells a wide variety of sleek, monochromatic coats.

My first skepticism stemmed from the fact that I was unfamiliar with the “Dope Snow” brand. In the past, I’ve only purchased products that were guaranteed to work. Investing in high-quality ski and snowboard equipment is worthwhile since it may last for five to ten years, or even longer with proper maintenance.


Moreover, there was an air of inauthenticity about the brand name. Although I like the jacket’s design, I couldn’t stand the blatant “dope” logos and patches. It was so cheap that I was concerned about its quality. I looked for genuine evaluations written by customers, but I was unable to locate any.

I’m not going to put much stock in the many glowing reviews of dope snow jackets that can easily be edited and censored by the company itself. Since online retailers like Backcountry and Amazon don’t have any vested interest in the brands they sell, their customer reviews are more likely to be honest.


Video reviews and testimonials of dope snow jackets goods were also abundant on YouTube, however they were all uploaded by the official Dope Snow channel. Because it’s unlikely that a company would provide a poor video review of one of its own goods, viewers may safely assume that the clips weren’t real.


Reddit did have several threads regarding the coats, however. Many Redditors have issued warnings about the “fast fashion” apparel business Dope Snow. However, just because an outfit advertises on Instagram does not make it quick fashion.

When I looked at these conversations more closely, I realized that anybody who has never worn a Dope Snow jacket was likely the source of the bad feedback.


In fact, their coats are more classic and simple in design than the vast majority of ski and snowboard outerwear. The coats have a rather neutral color palette and a relatively standard appearance. Designs are consistently conservative, and the annual updates focus on fixing small usability issues that customers have reported.

In contrast to the broad variety of dope snow jackets types provided by some of the major companies and the unattractive, brightly colored patterns on these coats, I would call Dope Snow the antithesis of fast fashion.

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