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Is HIV treatable with isentress?

HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a notorious virus that has spurred an immense amount of global research and treatment advances over the past few decades. Its ability to evade conventional treatments has made HIV a particularly difficult virus to manage and combat, yet improvements in antiviral medications and analysis of existing therapies have helped to treat those infected. Isentress is a strong and well-researched option for treating HIV.

Effectiveness of isentress

The active ingredient in Isentress is raltegravir, which is used to block the Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitor (INSTI).  The INSTI enzyme is a key component of the HIV virus’s replication process and can help stop it from replicating itself and spreading. It’s also been found to be effective even if the virus is resistant to other therapies. Isentress is dosed at either 200 or 400 mg twice a day, depending on the patient’s weight, and it is usually taken with food. Common side effects include headaches, fatigue and stomach upset.

The success rate of Isentress

The success of Isentress has been demonstrated in studies which show that it is effective in reducing the amount of HIV in the body. It was shown to reduce the “viral load” markers of HIV in patients by 75%, and some patients had no virus detectable in their bodies at all. In addition, Isentress is also successful at preventing new HIV infections. One study found that 17 out of 20 participants had no new HIV infections one year after taking Isentress for the same amount of time.

Clinical research with isentress

Clinical research is invaluable in modern medicine, as it helps medical professionals understand the efficacy of different treatments and helps patients make more informed decisions when it comes to their care. Isentress is a brand of raltegravir, a powerful antiretroviral drug commonly used to battle Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections. Clinical research into the efficacy and safety of Isentress is key to helping medical professionals and patients alike better understand the benefits, risks, and side effects associated with the drug’s use.

Clinical trials conducted in patients affected by HIV found Isentress to be an effective treatment. In one retrospective study, patients with HIV who had been on Isentress for an average of 11.5 months saw a significant decrease in HIV viral load, leading to better clinical outcomes. The study also showed that Isentress treatment was well-tolerated, with few adverse events experienced. Furthermore, subsequent studies conducted on patients with HIV who had been using Isentress for over a year showed the drug to provide long-lasting efficacy, with a median decrease of approximately 2.6 log10 copies/ml in the number of copies of HIV found in blood samples.

Safety aspect from clinical studies

In addition to its effectiveness at treating HIV, Isentress also appears to be a safe drug. Studies conducted on patients taking Isentress showed that there were few adverse effects associated with its usage. In a study of 220 HIV-positive individuals over an 18-month period, the most common side effects were infrequent cases of mild headache and gastrointestinal upset. This indicates that Isentress is well-tolerated, even in those who have been taking it for longer periods of time. Also, Isentress has fewer drug-drug interactions than many other HIV treatments, making it an attractive option for those who are already taking multiple medications.

Improvement in symptoms and in overall aspects of disease over a period of time

Overall, clinical research into Isentress tablet has been promising in showing the drug to be a powerful and safe enhancer for HIV/AIDS therapy. The findings of studies conducted on patients taking Isentress show that it is an effective treatment for HIV, as well as stable and well-tolerated over long-term use. In combination with existing treatments, Isentress can offer improved clinical outcomes and a higher quality of life for patients affected by HIV/AIDS.

But, primary prevention is extremely important

It’s important to note that Isentress is no substitute for other practices to help prevent HIV as well- taking preventive measures like practising safe sex, using clean needles and equipment, and getting tested regularly can help keep an individual safe from potential infections.


Isentress is not a cure for HIV, and there is still no known “cure” for the virus. However, the tremendous successes seen with the use of Isentress make it an incredibly effective treatment option. HIV is a devastating disease, but with the correct medical care, antiviral treatments such as Isentress can go a long way toward keeping any HIV infection under control and ensuring the health of the individual.


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