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Get Official KBC Complaint Number 2023

The KBC has announced that Mr Vijay Kumar, Mr Rahul Kumar, and Mr Rajesh Kumar are the most recent winners of the KBC lottery in the year 2023. These lucky individuals won the lotto with the numbers 8991, 0150, and 44477. If you have also participated in the KBC lucky draw and you have received a message stating that you have won the 25 lakh lottery, then please don’t wait and contact the KBC team as soon as possible. KBC Compliant Number in 2023.

KBC Complaint Number in 2023

All India The KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2023 is held once a year to provide an opportunity for KBC followers in India to improve their chances of winning. KBC compliant number in 2023 is live from head office. Each user has a very excellent chance of winning a cash award thanks to this opportunity. Users of KBC can take part in automated sweepstakes called Lucky Draw by using their sim cards to register their entries. The KBC authorities do not encourage KBC users to purchase lottery numbers at this time any more. It’s a draw based on self-registration if you were wondering. When we buy sim cards, we are prompted with questions concerning the KBC Lottery 2023 through the sim cards themselves. KBC Lottery players who have won a prize in the previous year are eligible to have their names added to the KBC Lottery Winner 2023 List. The prize pool for this draw is 25 lakh.

KBC Customer Care Services Number

Sending an SMS to the KBC Customer Care Services Number will allow you to determine whether or not your KBC Sim Card 2023 is genuine. Send your entry to KBC Customer Care with the words “KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw” and “Current Month” written on it. A date for the KBC Lucky Draw in 2023 will be sent to you shortly after a few minutes have passed. This will be the evidence that demonstrates that the lucky draw was not a hoax. If, however, you do not receive any communication from the system, then the message that you have got on your sim card is likely to be false.

Mr Satya Murti Shiva from Jaipur, India, was selected as the winner of the KBC lottery 2023, as stated in the official announcement made by the manager of the KBC lottery. Mr Shiva took home a prize of 25 lakhs in the KBC sim card lucky draw 2023. His WhatsApp number, and his lottery number was 8015. You can easily verify that you are the lottery winner in 2023 by phoning KBC WhatsApp or visiting the official website for the KBC lottery, which is located at kbccompany.info.

Lucky Draw will take place in 2023:

The KBC Lottery Winner 2023 is the very first 25 Lakh Sim Card Lucky Draw Contest that has ever been distributed in India. The TRP score for the presentation is the highest among all of the many contest programmes, which is evidence of the considerable reputation that has been acquired by the show. KBC is the best display for the Lottery Lucky Draw 2023 to win enormous cash rewards based on the kinds of questions asked and the correct answers that are received. On this page of the KBC Lottery Official Website, you will find information regarding the All India Sim Card Lucky Draw 2023.

Entries for WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2023:

KBC has announced that they will begin the All India Sim Card KBC Lucky Draw in 2023. This announcement comes after the success of the KBC Play Along Contest. Everyone who entered this lucky draw will automatically be entered into the KBC Lucky Draw 2023. After every seven days of the month, there will be a draw for the lucky prize. If your name is drawn as the winner of the All India Sim Card WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2023 List, then you must call the KBC

The WhatsApp number for the KBC Head Office:

KBC has decided that the number of Indian Rupees that will be awarded to the winner of the All India Sim Card KBC Lucky Draw 2023 would be 25 Lacs. You will be notified through email that you have won the KBC Lottery 25 Lakh in the KBC Lucky Draw 2023 when you have been successful in winning the lottery. You can check your name, phone number, and KBC Helpline Number in the All India Sim Card WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2023 List; alternatively, you can ring from your mobile device to speak with the KBC Lottery Manager, Rana Pratap Singh.

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