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Latest Tips Before Passing CompTia Network+ Test

The Comptia Network+ certification is seen as an entry-level certification. However, as someone with over 20 years of hands-on knowledge in the IT industry, this was a challenging test for me. It was much more challenging than the CompTIA Security+ exam that I’ve passed previously and especially because the exam in Network+ is not just about concepts or connections that are logical; however, there are certain maths and knowing by the heart.

I wrote for you the five tips in this post, which helped me most in my quest to get through my CompTia Network+ exam.

  • Make a plan before you begin learning: passing the test in the shortest time possible. You are creating an excellent foundation for the things to come.
  • Studying for the test in English is a good idea, even if you’re not a native speaker.
  • Professor. Messer has a great online course on this test, and the monthly live class is extremely valuable.
  • Try Joplin. Try it if you want to find a top note-taking application.

Mind The Language

  • In addition, since I’m not a native English speaker, I chose to take the English version of the exam. The Security+ exam at the time was only offered in the English language. However, it’s not just the Security+ exam. Network+ is also in German.
  • I purchased the online program “Computer-Netzwerke der umfassende Kurs” from Eric Amberg in German. I thought it would be simpler to grasp complicated topics in my native language.
  • However, I was unaware that a lot more technical data is available in English and that the translation of certain terms into German languages made it more difficult for me to grasp the meanings. Most documentation is written in English, which is why I’m familiar with English terminology.

I suggest you learn English and pass the English test if you’re at ease with it.

Self-Paced Online Training

As I’ve mentioned, One of my goals was to study my way. That’s the reason I am a huge fan of self-paced online education.

The issue I ran into this time was getting to a point where I felt prepared to take the test.

To obtain security reasons for the Security+ certification, I bought a great program from Mike Meyers. The course included some test-taking exercises, and passing them helped me feel confident to be prepared for the real test.

The course by Eric Amberg contains some questions between chapters that test your improvement. However, it was different from a real exam. That’s why I enrolled in a second training course before the exam, but this time in English.

In the absence of a coupon for a course offered by logitrain, I chose to go with this course for free offered by Professor. Messer on YouTube. If you’d like to stream the videos on your own or acquire additional learning material, you could purchase one of the packages for courses that he has available, but you don’t have to.

Professor. Messer was already recommended to me during his class “Practical Ethical Hacking – The Complete Course” by The Cyber Mentor on Udemy and has a distinct style of explaining concepts, which helped me to grasp even more complicated subjects.

A highlight for me is the monthly learning groups he hosts online, in which he is online on YouTube and responds to real-world questions that are asked via phone, and also makes quizzes on CompTIA a+ related subjects. It’s all completely free, and it is an incredible gift he gives to the community. I can’t think of a better way to recommend him.

Making Notes

I learned in my early days about hacking that “if you don’t have a screenshot, it didn’t happen.”

This is why note-taking became extremely important for me. It’s also recognized that the things we record remain stored in our brains.

I had used a well-known note-taking application for a few years prior. However, it did have some issues: content wasn’t encrypted, but it was stored in the cloud, there was no markdown that I like to be able to format quickly when typing, and the business model was based on subscriptions which I am not a fan of.

However, many offline editors built into the software don’t allow you to copy screenshots into the editor or make hyperlinks to attachments.

One application that truly met all my requirements and assisted me extremely well in my study for exam Network+ exam was Joplin. In addition, since it’s open source, it’s packed with features and is extensively developed by an active community. Perhaps worth checking it out in case you’re seeking a great note-taking application in the IT industry.

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