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Latest Tips How Pass AWS Certifications Exam

As a young person in a world full of various possibilities and technological advances, I was always keen to discover new things. One particular area I was always curious about was the platform known as AWS Certifications.

Suppose you need to get more familiar with the concept. In that case, AWS Certifications is a cloud computing platform offered by Amazon, which consists of Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service as well as packaged Software as a Service options. The platform provides solutions such as computational energy, database storage, and content services delivery that let you quickly and effortlessly create various standard solutions.

My AWS Certification Journey

As a market leader, I’ve always had an intense desire to know how AWS functions, what kinds of services they offer, and what they offer. On my first day at work, I was fortunate to work on a project involving implementing solutions utilizing AWS resources. This inspired me to research opportunities for certification, and I found them after I joined Appstellar.

Thus the AWS certification journey started when I began my journey as a Backend Developer at Appstellar.

As a result of Appstellar as an AWS partner offering AWS solutions to customers, I knew I had to build my capabilities and increase my understanding of AWS. It was a blessing for me that Appstellar has a Growth Program that gives you a wide range of opportunities for career advancement, among them, becoming accredited by AWS. This was an exciting experience for me!

After months of studying by myself and with the help of my colleagues, I was prepared to pass my AWS test and become certified.

AWS Certification Benefits

In a fast-paced field like cloud software development, developers must stay current with the most recent market trends. You must find the most effective ways to develop and deploy applications that run on the cloud, and I can assure you that having a few certificates in your portfolio will make this process much easier! It’s not about the gold badges. I’m talking about the information gained from your training.

Apart from the information in the field, there are additional benefits associated with the IT Training certification.

Cloud computing is the future of computing.

Companies that switch to cloud computing can grow and adapt rapidly to market trends, resulting in lower costs, more business agility, faster development, and efficient processes. This is the reason there is such a high demand for cloud-based developers.

Greater hire-able positions:

Given that AWS holds 33% of the market for cloud services, getting an AWS certification will give you a significant advantage in getting yourself into an employable post.

Potentially higher earnings

The certification process is a way for you to progress in your career. The more skills you have, the better your salary will be. AWS Certifications will open a variety of possibilities for top-paying jobs. According to the 2021 IT Skills Salary Report, Global Knowledge found that AWS Certification is among the top five most lucrative certifications.

The ability to join the AWS community

After being recognized by AWS, you can join The AWS Certified community. This is an incredible networking opportunity.

Discount on exams

When you have completed the 1st AWS certification, You’ll be awarded a 50 percent discount for your subsequent AWS certification.

An advantage for freelancers

For freelancers getting an AWS certification can be an advantage and offers the possibility of acquiring more projects on the web.

How do I start?

As a market leader and service supplier, AWS has 12 credential options covering its products’ fundamentals and advanced areas.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification can be an excellent starting point for those new to AWS. This certification proves you are familiar with the basics of AWS services that support cloud-based operations across various sectors.

AWS Exam Tips for AWS Exam

It is essential to prepare for getting through the AWS test. Therefore, before you sit for the test, take these seven steps. Based on my experiences of taking the exam to become an AWS-certified Cloud Practitioner, I would like you to know.

Learn about AWS the fundamentals of AWS

Suppose you have a basic understanding of how the internet works and consider going for an AWS certification. In that case, you’ll first need to get familiar with AWS in terms of a technology platform and become acquainted with its features, services, and words.

Youtube videos can be your best friend.

One thing that helped me in preparing for the test was watching Youtube videos. One of my favorite YouTube channels to study is Be A Better Dev. Their videos are a treasure trove of information about AWS.

The video introduction to AWS, The Most Important Service to learn about, explains how AWS can operate on the internet and its primary services and the reasons behind and what they can offer when utilized.

Study and pass exams.

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the AWS test is to take courses and follow up with practice exams to check your knowledge and understand the amount you’ve learned.

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