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People join a gym by paying a good amount of money as a gym membership. Hence in return, they expect good facilities and services. There are variety of things that must be provided in a gym. Apart from equipment, the layout, space and environment matters a lot.

Here is a list of facilities that a gym should provide:

  1. Cleanliness

It is said that cleanliness is the best ornament. It is one of the vital factor in a gym environment. Customers will love to workout in a clean environment rather than a dirty one. To keep a gym clean, ensure that towels and spray bottles are available at multiple locations throught the gym. Make sure to keep the equipment clean.

2) High quality equipment

A variety of machines should be provided by the gym so all the members right from beginners to professionals can use it at an ease. Some of the basic machines are as follows:

  • Cardio machines
  • Rowing machines
  • Treadmill
  • Strength training machines
  • Free weight machines

3) Changing room

It doesnt feel good to move out of the gym drenched in sweat, it feels very uncomfortable. If a person comes early morning at gym and has to go to work later it will be great if he gets a space to shower and freshen up.

4) Locker facility

Providing a locker room would be a great facility as members can use it to store their clothes and belongings while working out. It will be secured and good option for members to not worry about their belongings.

5) Free Wifi

A good wifi connection is essential factor for customers who are connected virtually with a lot of things. Nowadays, many people use their fitness apps to keep a track of their health activites that requires stable internet connection. Also people can hear music while working out.

6) Charging station

People use a lot of devices these days. Somedays the batteries are drained and in case of emergency there is a need to charge them. At such times if there are charging points in a gym it will be a great user experience.

7) Yoga space

Yoga is attracting many people as it helps relax and calm mind and body. Studies have shown that Yoga can lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels and improve mind-body concentration. Offering yoga classes can be a great way to increase customer satisfaction.

8) Variety of Training

A gym must provide different classes and training with knowledgeable coaches and fitness instructors who are expert in their respective fields. Variety of training gives your customers a lot of options to work on.

9) A well designed space

Doing any sort of work requires a positive attitude and environment. The design of gym plays a significant role in how members feel when the workout. It should be attractive as well as comforting.

A gym in India must provide all of the above mentioned facilities to make sure that its members have a good experience working out.

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