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Mobile Event App – Pros & Cons

Hosting any event be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid can be overwhelming. Planning a hybrid and in-person event requires a lot of time and a dedicated team but an event app for in-person event organizers can reduce their manual work. There are a lot of platforms and services providers that can help in event planning but still, there are a lot of event marketers and event planners who are switching to the mobile event app, if you are also planning to switch to the mobile event app we are listing some of the pros and cons of mobile event app that might help you make your decision regarding mobile event app.

Introduction To Mobile Event App

Mobile event apps are dedicated apps that are specifically created to manage, plan and conduct a certain event. These event apps are customized and offer users a very personalized experience with the brand or event. With mobile events, apps come with various advantages but at the same time, it has some disadvantages also. The best mobile event app can tackle most of your event preparation so create an app that is open to customization so that you can change it according to your events. 

Pros And Cons Of Mobile Event App 

Here are some of the pros and cons of mobile event apps that you might want to consider before getting a mobile app for your event. 

Pros Of Using A Mobile Event App 

Here are some of the advantages of hosting an event with a mobile app: 

1. Make Event Planning Easier 

One of the main advantages of using a mobile app for the event is that it can help in making the process of event planning more convenient and easier. With a mobile event app, organizers and event planners got everything at their fingertips which makes it easy to manage and coordinate everything around the event. 

2. Promote Ticket Sales 

Another advantage of using a mobile event app is that it helps in boosting ticket sales and event registration during the event. With the help of a custom event app, you can provide your audience with an easy channel from where they can register themselves, get tickets and make payments.

3. Push Notifications

 Event apps can also help with push notifications. Push notifications are among the most powerful engagement tools. Most event organizers prefer push notifications because they are quick and can be automated and the audience seems to enjoy them. You can get creative with your push notifications and reminders if you want to regularly interact with your audience. 

4. Integrate With Other Platforms 

Another advantage of using a mobile event app is that it can integrate with various other platforms. From adding a payment gateway from a third-party app to integrating social media platforms integration can be handy for everything. With social media integration, attendees and organizers can share posts from the app to their social media platforms. It is a win-win situation as attendees will promote the event on social media. 

5. Help In Managing Multiple Events 

Another major benefit of using a mobile event app is that it can help event management plan and organize multiple events at the same time. Traditionally managing multiple events on paper can be very challenging to make the process of management of different events at the same time more scalable. Organizers now prefer mobile event apps. 

Cons Of Using A Mobile Event App 

Here are some of the disadvantages that you might face with mobile event app: 

1. App Expenses 

Event apps are expensive so you have to make a calculative decision regarding whether using an app is worth the price. It is a cost vs benefits situation with the mobile event app. Price is the influencing factor when it comes to deciding on a mobile event app. 

If you have that much budget for an event app it can be a good investment or you can stick to event platforms

2. Not Everyone Have Access To Data And Smartphone 

Yes, the smartphone is becoming popular but not every person has a smartphone or high-speed internet access to use mobile event apps. This can be a serious issue if your target audience is not using a smartphone, so before launching an event app you have to do market research to ensure that your target audience uses apps and actively engage with such apps. 

3. Multiple Platforms

Not all attendees use the same device and platforms, it can vary from individual to individual. Using an app that is limited to a single type of hardware or operating system will keep out guests who use other devices. Your event app should be compatible with android, IOS, and google devices so that no users are left out. Sticking to any one software can harm your brand’s reputation plus it can also reduce the count of mobile users. 

4. Requires A Lot Of Planning 

Event apps require a lot of planning, organizers have to design, brand and test the app. There are a lot of things that go at the backend with the mobile event app. These apps require a significant amount of time to. Then there will be a lot of back and forth with the testing of the app.

5. No Offline Access 

Another disadvantage of mobile event apps is that individuals can use the mobile app offline. So if by any chance during an event your attendees lose an internet connection they can miss the live updates on the app. They will not be able to catch up with the live event. A robust internet connection is crucial for accessing a mobile event app. 

The  Bottom Line 

Mobile events can be a little expansive for certain organizations but they are worth it. If your audience is inclined towards using a mobile event app you should consider giving it a thought. Because mobile apps are like investments and they can help you in generating revenue through ads etc. 

Just like every other thing, even mobile apps have some pros and cons and if you are planning to get a mobile event app you will have to evaluate all the pros and cons before deciding on a mobile event app.

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