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Sad Poetry on Memory in dream 2023

There is  something in a dream

Her skin is  like milk cream

Attester is a lady with a pure soul 

Honored with a distinct role

She always exists in past 

What is  her vision at last

Dress  the glitters in a Pearl of joy, happiness 

But head wounds with the dust of  grief, sadness

People mostly choose the head part 

Wound themselves joy apart

Sometimes it jumps into the present and then  past 

Ruin the actual cantiness much fast 

She must cap the sure and measure 

Grief, joy, moments as well as pleasure

She is  assigned to painful 


Often in the depressed happiness

She must repair 

Past and present to be compared

Makes strong and keeps  hold 

It is so precious more  than gold

In deep- weakest moments 

When dark-death comments 

When its preyers react madly

It damages things decisive badly

So “Memories” is her secret name 

Life is hidden in it often blame

We cannot always remain the same 

 it’s a deeply emotional game

Try to pick up it dress  glitters

Do not  touch  thread wound withers 

Stay in sadness if death  is a sign

Leave grief back Move with time.

Poem by: 
Bushra Aziz

Email : babarhavelian560@gmail.com

Abbottabad tahsil havelian

january 05, 2023

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