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Protein shakes for gaining muscle mass

Protein shakes for mass gain are a popular product among bodybuilders who want to achieve excellent results in the shortest possible time. Sports nutrition helps to increase the level of nutrients in the body and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of training. To build muscle faster, special supplements are used. We will tell you how to choose the right protein and take it for muscle growth in this article.

Who Needs Protein Shakes?

Contrary to popular belief, not only professional athletes can use such supplements. They are ideal for a balanced diet with weight loss, help to quickly get rid of body fat, and achieve excellent muscle relief. Protein shakes for gaining muscle mass are equally well suited for both women and men. Such a product has a minimum of contraindications. Of course, in this case, before using protein, you should consult with a specialist.

Set of muscle mass. Protein is the main building block of muscles. If you plan to achieve beautiful relief, a certain percentage of protein must be included in the diet. Getting it with food is quite difficult: meat, dairy products, and fish have a high protein level. However, even with a properly composed diet, achieving the daily amino acid norm is only sometimes possible. Then protein shakes come to the rescue. Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 is high in protein and can be used as a complete meal. Such a product is ideal for those who plan to quickly gain muscle mass and achieve beautiful relief.

Weight control. After losing weight or gaining muscle mass, it is quite difficult to maintain the desired performance. To do this, you must strictly monitor your diet and exclude harmful foods. However, protein levels should remain high. You can use special protein bars as a snack: they will provide the body with the necessary nutrients and prevent overeating. Cocktails can also be a great help in weight control. Herbalife Nutrition Formula 3 Protein Blend is an additional source of protein and nutrients. It can be added to other dishes or replaced with flour: a great solution for those who love baking but want to avoid including it in their diet due to its calorie content and high content of fast carbohydrates.*

Recovery. Physical activity can seriously overload the muscles. If you have plans to create relief muscles, you know the mechanism of mass growth. During training, the muscles are injured, and micro-ruptures occur, creating the desired volume when healed. However, this process is accompanied by constant painful sensations and a decreased load on the damaged groups. To speed up the regeneration process and eliminate the pain syndrome, you can include more protein in the diet. For example, the Herbalife 24 Recovery Shake is fortified with iron. This useful supplement saturates the muscles with oxygen, accelerating the excretion of lactic acid breakdown products. As a result, pain is reduced, and tissue regeneration is much faster. In addition, the revitalizing cocktail perfectly improves tone and saturates the body with energy.

Protein Shake Benefits

This is a product that is ideal for various purposes. You will be able to quickly achieve excellent results when building muscle mass. Regular protein intake:

  • saturates the body with nutrients;
  • provides the muscles with the necessary building components;
  • reduces appetite and helps prevent evening overeating.

In addition, with the right approach to physical activity and diet, you can quickly eliminate body fat. So a protein shake is suitable for “drying” and athletes “on the mass.”

Possible contraindications

Protein for muscle growth has practically no pronounced contraindications. The main thing is to choose the right product and follow the daily norms. For example, for an adult, the optimal daily dose of protein is about 1.2–1.8 g per kilogram of body weight. With excessive consumption of protein foods, problems in the functioning of the kidneys and liver can occur. Avoiding this is quite easy: following the instructions indicated on the cocktail can and carefully monitoring the balance of BJU in your diet. However, before using it, you must visit a specialist consultation and, if necessary, take tests.

How to take protein

For the supplement to bring maximum benefit, you must follow a few important rules. For example, it is not recommended to prepare drinks in advance: the life of a finished cocktail is an hour at maximum. So every time you take a protein shake, you must prepare it again. But it takes a little time. Just two minutes, and a delicious drink is ready!

Protein Hygiene Rules. Reducing the risk of an allergic reaction or side effects from drinking a stale smoothie is quite simple.

Wash the dishes in which the drink was prepared immediately. The fact is that pure protein decomposes rather quickly, exuding not the most pleasant “flavors.”

Wipe up spilled powder immediately for the same reason. If the protein mixture gets on your clothes, it should be sent to the launderer immediately.

Do not exceed the dosage of the dry product: the principle “the more the better” does not work here.

Shaker for making cocktails is recommended to be changed every 3-4 months. The main symptom is an unpleasant odor, which cannot be eliminated.

Remember that protein is a perishable product. As long as it is dry, it can be stored for quite a long time. But if moisture gets into a jar of sports nutrition, it will quickly deteriorate.

Receive mode. Protein shakes for weight loss often go hand in hand with a low-carb diet. MEGABOL TESTOSTEROL Protein intake allows you to get the necessary nutrients and energy, reduce cravings for sweets, and prevent overeating. If we are talking about weight gain, cocktails become an additional source of nutrients. You can have breakfast meals with a glass of Herbalife Nutrition protein in your favorite flavor. In addition, you can connect the Herbalife 24 Revitalizing Cocktail, especially if you regularly expose your body to serious stress. This drink is best taken for 20-40 minutes after a workout. It will help to quickly remove the decay products of lactic acid and reduce discomfort after a serious load. But dinner can be limited only to the “Evening Cocktail,” which will saturate,

How to make a protein shake at home

Getting a delicious drink is very easy. All you have to do is buy Herbalife Nutrition’s Formula 1 Protein Shake in your favorite flavor and prepare it according to the recipe. You can dilute the protein powder with plain water, skim milk, and juice. Here you can safely experiment, choosing the optimal composition of the drink. Some people prefer to dilute the protein shake with oat or soy milk and add nuts or fruits. It is a nutritious and very tasty drink.

Basic Components. To prepare a homemade protein shake, you will need a blender or a special shaker. Pour the ingredients into the indicated proportion, fill it with water, milk, or juice, and turn it on for 1-2 minutes. Please note that the formation of abundant foam characterizes some cocktails: this is normal, and the protein reacts with other components. It is better to drink the resulting drink immediately, pouring it into a convenient glass. After an hour, it will already become unusable and can provoke disturbances in the digestive tract. Therefore, strictly ensure that cocktails are always fresh. Please do not leave the jar or bag with the mixture open; store it in a dry and dark place. Use only a dry measuring spoon.

Additional Ingredients. If the basic cocktail seems too boring for you, various additives will help make it more unusual. You can mix berries, fruits, and nuts with protein. This makes the taste of the cocktail more expressive and pleasant while practically not affecting its nutritional value. To gain mass, protein can be mixed with full-fat milk, and even cream, natural yogurt, or creamy ice cream can be added to it. Bodybuilders may like the recipe with nuts: you get an original superfood that will increase the body’s tone, energize and give a long feeling of satiety.

Other Healthy and Delicious Recipes

Some people prefer to add protein shakes to their main meals. For example, Herbalife Nutrition Formula 3 is perfect to use in place of flour. This is an original breakfast solution: you can make pancakes or pancakes according to a traditional recipe, replacing fast carbohydrates with healthy protein. At the same time, even the most demanding gourmets will like the product’s taste. You can learn a lot of interesting and healthy recipes from the ABC of Balanced Nutrition, a new book by Herbalife Nutrition.

As you can see, a protein shake is not just a dry mix plus milk. You can diversify your diet with non-standard recipes. In this case, even desserts will be useful.

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