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Quick Mistakes You Should Not Make When Doing Trademark Registration

Trademarks are marks or even signs that can be graphically represented and even in a position to identify the products and services of one brand from the other. once any new enterprise wishes to start with a fresh business or is looking to expand an even existing one, they have to make sure that they do register the brand under which they are going to be functioning as a trademark.

For the trademark registration online, the entity must first deliberate over particular points to confirm that the mark for which they are applying for registration does not really get rejected or even affect the quality of the brand that they are trying to endorse. Keeping the same thing in mind, once you are opting for a trademark and making use of it in trade, there are mistakes that you should avoid

Failure to perform an Initial Search  

Any company before adopting any trademark or a company name must chiefly conduct a preliminary trademark search in its domestic trademark registry. In case the company has the intention of expanding the overall business overseas, then they must carry out a main search under the proper DATABASE, along with that they can even perform a basic Google search as well.

The reason that trademark searches are paramount because in case a company adopts a trademark that is somewhat already in use by another entity, the applicant company could put itself in a spot wherein they might have to defend themselves in a sort of trademark litigation suit. This type of scenario might simply lead to them having to deter themselves from using that specific mark that in turn might result in them losing out on any sort of goodwill that the brand would have developed.

Choosing a generic  or descriptive type of trademark  

Well, generic wordmarks getting used as trademarks find it quite difficult to receive trademark protection. They generally are words or symbols which displays what that particular brand is offering the type of product or service. Such are the words commonly used in the market for products or even services for which the mark is to get used.

Whereas, you know the descriptive words are simply the trademarks where they classify any of the goods or even services for which registration is getting sought . you know such a thing is quite tempting that elements representative the quality, feature, function, or even intent of the goods or even services are included in the brand name. But you must keep in mind that the local trademark office can reject a trademark that includes these products. No matter you fill the trademark application online or otherwise, you need to be wise about it.

These end up getting descriptive of the product or services that are being rendered by the brand. For example, a cakes business trying to register CUPCAKES as that of their trademark , it is not going to be generic along with getting descriptive of the services and even products that they do offer..


To sum up, when you do patent application drafting, it would be wise if you take assistance of professionals and this way, there is hardly any chance that you do make a mistake.

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