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Tips to choose the right sound bar for your home

Sound bar tips
Soundbar for your home

Sound bars are an attractive choice for TV sound and for music. The best ones have lots of basses, a wide dynamic range, and better-than-average sound quality. This guide will help you pick out the best soundbars for your needs.

Almost all contemporary sets, irrespective of size, have subpar speakers concealed within thinner framing. So why not add a soundbar for TV to improve the sound quality rather than straining to hear the dialogue in your favourite show? The most appealing feature of soundbars may be how slim and unobtrusive they are when placed next to your TV. They provide the best value-for-money alternative to using a home theatre surround setup in its entirety. To find the best soundbar to buy in Australia, you should consider the size of your current TV. Depending on your requirements, the soundbar can fit neatly beneath and/or in front of it. To ensure correct installation, soundbars shouldn’t be too much larger or smaller than the width of your screen.

After you’ve thought about how your new soundbar will work with your existing TV, you’ll need to think about the unit’s specifications. For example, some soundbars have a subwoofer (some of which are wireless), and does it have the right connections for your TV? Consider Bluetooth streaming to make it your primary source of sound in the living room. Before buying the soundbar, consider the following points:

1. soundbar placement ideas?

Which type (sound bar or sound base) will work best for you may depend on where you place your TV and how much space you have around it. The type will also affect where you place it. Installing sound bars is more flexible because they can either hang on the wall or be placed in front of your TV.

All sound bars can be easily set up, which is also true. Simply put the sound bar on the same table, directly below the TV if it is on a credenza or table. (Just make sure there is enough space between the bottom of the TV and the table; before purchasing, check the sound bar’s specifications and measure the space.) Install your sound bar on the wall directly beneath your wall-mounted TV if it is. Some sound bars even include mounting kits to facilitate do-it-yourself installation.

Contrarily, sound bases are designed to be placed on top of a table or shelf, underneath your TV (hence why they are so heavy).

2. Soundbars size should be considered

Your new sound bar shouldn’t be broader than your TV from an aesthetic standpoint. In an ideal setting, both should be the same width to create a uniform appearance. A sound bar can, however, technically be paired with a TV of almost any size. Use your judgement when it comes to size. In particular, if your TV is 8 years or older, ensure it has the proper connectivity to connect your new sound bar. 

So, does soundbar size affect the volume delivery?

Any speaker’s volume or sound quality is typically influenced by its size. A small speaker driver will not produce enough sound. Because they are too small, most speakers struggle to produce clear, crisp sound. The components that contribute to power production are few due to their small size.

3. Choose if you want active or passive soundbars

Passive sound bars don’t have internal power amplifiers, so they need a receiver or amplifier to function. However, they do have better speakers, resulting in better sound. A passive sound bar will consequently cost you more and require you to connect more components. If you want more bass, you’ll also require a conventional subwoofer connection. Therefore, you can also opt for a soundbar with a subwoofer. Subwoofers are additional speakers typically included with soundbars to add more bass. Active refers to the fact that the soundbar has built-in amplifiers to power everything as well as channel processors to distinguish between the left, right, and centre speakers. Therefore, with an all-inclusive device, there are fewer wires and no additional receivers to buy or plugin.

Since most sound bars have Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth capabilities, you can easily stream music from any computer, phone, or tablet, effectively converting your sound bar into a stereo. Additionally, look for HDMI switching, which enables switching audio sources without rerouting HDMI cables. In this case, you can choose Bluetooth soundbars. These Bluetooth soundbars are in trend these days.

You could see various soundbars that are for sale. To buy the best soundbars, you should check with various audio and home theatre system providers. Choosing the best soundbar from trusted providers would help you get the best audio listening experience. You can buy the best cheap soundbars in Australia through such trusted providers. However, this does not mean you need to compromise on the quality. Always opt for a premium-quality soundbar from leading brands and trusted providers to enhance your listening experience.

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