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Rumi Square Will Be Opened in Blue World City

If you’re looking for a forward-thinking, all-inclusive housing community, go no further than Blue World City Islamabad. The Blue World City initiative was launched, promising to bring Pakistanis and other international Pakistanis an opulent standard of life at affordable costs. The scheme’s other goal is to increase tourism by highlighting world-class attractions including the Burj Al Arab, Blue Mosque, Rumi Square, Horse Mascots (the highest in the world), and Water Theme Park.

Blue World City is the future sanctuary for regional and worldwide travelers, thanks to its hilltop 5-star hotel and the fact that it is located in a safe and impenetrable gated neighborhood. Incorporating the Blue World Economic Zone into the project makes the area next to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) a premier location for both domestic and international traders to do their business.

On Chakri Road in Islamabad, Pakistan, a new residential community called Blue World City is springing up quickly. The Blue Group of Companies and the Imperium Group of Companies are developing it together. Its primary selling point is that it is creating new versions of existing, world-famous tourist sites. The development will offer a variety of convenient services to its inhabitants, such as a hospital, schools, and a theme park.

The rise to global fame of Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi is only one of these draws. Dedicated to the 13th-century Persian poet and Sufi mystic Jalal ad-Din Rumi, Rumi Square in Blue World City is a public gathering place. There is a monument of Rumi and several stores and cafés, making it a hub for tourists. The Rumi Cultural Centre, which features exhibitions and activities centered on the poet’s life and oeuvre, is located there as well.

Rumi Square: A Brief History

The 13th-century Persian poet and Sufi mystic Jalal ad-Din Rumi inspired the naming of a public area in Istanbul, Turkey, known as Rumi Square. It’s in the Fatih neighborhood, close to the famous Galata Tower and the Golden Horn. Several cafés and stores, as well as a big monument of Rumi, make this plaza a popular stop for visitors. It is also the site of the Rumi Culture Center, which features exhibitions and activities centered on the poet and scholar’s life and work.

Rumi’s Square is located in the heart of BWC. The product was named after a Persian poet, saint, and philosopher whose innovative methods and outlook broadened the boundaries of human understanding and wisdom. Visitors will be captivated by the mystical aura emanating from a sculpture of Jalal ad-Din Rumi in a dervish pose

Key Characteristics

Some of the more notable aspects of Rumi Square include:

  • Its height is 70 feet.
  • It is a beautifully sculpted statue of a dervish in full prayer position.
  • Recognizing the 13th-century Persian poet and mystic, Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Rumi.
  • Spirit-filled, night-lit statue

As a company, BGC-IGC has lofty goals, including improving living standards for Filipinos and reshaping the country’s real estate industry. They are also constructing social and tourist attractions of international caliber in an effort to improve the country’s economic standing. The Villaggio Mall, Torch Hotel, Blue Mosque, Horse Mascots, Burj-al-Arab, and countless more landmarks and attractions will all be present in Blue World City.

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People all over are talking about Blue World City and Zaitoon City, a city inside a city that is being built with cutting-edge technology and design. The project’s popularity continues to grow as more and more historical landmarks and tourist attractions are added, establishing it as the world’s first truly tourist-centric metropolis. Therefore, it is prudent to put money into this venture, since it will pay off in spades down the road.

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