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Sebastian Stan Sets Out To Scam A Billionaire In The Sharper Trailer

The Sharper Trailer, which features actors like Seth Rogen, Tracy Lear, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lithgow and many others, has made an impact on viewers. Its trailer promises a more action-oriented movie than audiences have experienced in recent years. But, the trailer is also full of suspense. A narcissistic billionaire (played by Sebastian Stan) sets out to scam the wealthy and famous in this film, but how will it turn out?

Seth Rogen

Sebastian Stan, whose recent acting roles include Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, plays a con man in the new Apple TV+ movie Sharper. Set in New York City, the film is a dark neo-noir thriller that promises betrayal.

Sharper” will release in select theaters on February 10th. Directed by Benjamin Caron, it also stars Julianne Moore, Briana Middleton, John Lithgow, and Justice Smith. It’s been described as a neo-noir heist thriller.

In the trailer, a character (played by Sebastian Stan) attempts to cheat a billionaire (played by Judge Smith) out of $1,000. His girlfriend (played by Julianne Moore) tries to stop him. She says she loves him because he’s a billionaire.

The film is set in the wealthiest areas of New York City. It also explores sexual politics and betrayal.

“Sharper” is a 2023 movie. This is the first original movie produced by Apple TV+. Gillespie previously directed Stan in I, Tonya.

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Julianne Moore

Sebastian Stan is set to star in a new movie called Sharper. It’s set to be released in February. This heist thriller comes from Apple Original Films, which means it’ll be available on Apple TV+.

The plot of the film follows a young con artist named Max. In order to make his fortune, he plans to scam a local billionaire. His plan includes the help of a female accomplice.

He also enlists the help of a friend to try and intercept his inheritance. But it’s not all smooth sailing. When his plan falls through, he hatches another devious one.

Meanwhile, his mother Madeline (Julianne Moore) finds herself in love with a wealthy billionaire. Their relationship becomes romantic, but then she learns that Max is actually her son. As she tries to get her own family back together, she finds herself trying to stop him from cheating on her boyfriend.

The film was produced by Julianne Moore and Seth Rogen. They are teamed with A24 Productions.

Tracy Lear

Sharper is an Apple TV Plus exclusive movie starring Sebastian Stan as a con man who sets out to scam a billionaire. This new Apple TV+ original movie arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day. The trailer debuted on Thursday.

In addition to Stan, the film stars Julianne Moore, Justice Smith, and Briana Middleton. It’s also written by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, and directed by Benjamin Caron. There’s a lot going on in this one.

Described as a neo-noir heist thriller, Sharper is a dark, seductive tale that takes place in the wealthiest parts of New York City. Max (Stan) is a con man who teams up with an accomplice to con a wealthy businessman. But when the woman double-crosses him, he decides to pull out all the stops.

The Sharper movie trailer also teases a complex mother-son relationship. Specifically, the trailer reveals that Madeline’s (Moore) son, Max, is a phony. He attempts to cheat his way out of a thousand bucks from Richard (Smith), a billionaire.

Jennifer Lithgow

You might have heard of the film Sharper starring Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan. But, did you know that it’s coming to Apple TV Plus on February 17? It’s a neo-noir thriller about a con artist who sets out to scam a billionaire. There’s a new trailer for the movie, and you can check it out below.

The story follows a mother and son duo that set out to scam a wealthy businessman. Madeline is in love with Richard Hobbes, but she doesn’t want to lose her money. She stops her son Max from scamming the guy. However, the boyfriend’s mother, Sandra, double crosses him.

In the trailer, we get a good look at the relationship between the two main characters. They both compete for power, wealth, and lust. And there are plenty of twists along the way. This neo-noir drama is directed by Benjamin Caron, who’s known for directing episodes of the UK series Andor.

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