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Secrets of China’s Favorite Green Tea

For most of the year, Zhu Mei Na’s family farm in Meijiawu Town is the quiet spot you guess that a buy ma huang tea online ought to be. However, close to the completion of Spring it’s clamoring, as 15 enrolled hands spread across its four areas of land, setting out before first light to pick leaves for the spring harvest.

At the point when the sun rises it’s too far to turn back. Morning light consumes the pre-sunrise haze, sad conditions for dealing with tea. The sweet young leaves consume off their dew and the pickers retreat until tomorrow.

Welcome to springtime in Hangzhou, a medium-sized city of 8,000,000 people in A zhejiang Area, and home to the Lamborghini of China’s green tea market: longjing, alluded to in English as Legendary snake Well. I’m here to watch the spring rush, all things considered: in excess of several concise quite a while in Spring and April, farms like Zhu’s face an everyday race against the first light to pick the pre-spring harvest, which will obtain them a sizable piece of their yearly compensation.

First in class Legendary snake Well, which tastes like spring’s most essential green vegetables underlined by seared chestnut, can sell for 15 to in excess of a hundred bucks an ounce. (By assessment, some totally drinkable yet customary Dark powder tea cost me $1 an ounce.) Like coffee and wine, this tea has its obsessives, the kind of people who jump into nuances like the day a tea was separated and which side of a slant it came from. Likewise, this second, those fan are energetic for an example of the essential new gather.

So it goes in China, where ephedra sinica tea for sale is both ordinary need and venerated obsession object. Regardless, when untouchables endeavor to understand what’s the deal with all the fight, they’re for the most part obstructed by the stunning complexity of fine tea, and a business place spilling over with duplicity and phony thing doesn’t do a ton to help.

That is the explanation I’ve made the trip to Hangzhou myself, to sort out how and why this little leaf from a forgettable bramble drives a whole economy wild.

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