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Step By Step Car Drawing With Kids | Drawing Tutorial

Drawing With Kids tutorial will teach you how to draw a simple vehicle. This step-by-step guide, primarily geared toward beginning painters, has nine simple phases.

This tutorial will cover how to sketch a simple automobile in great detail. Drawing With Kids may practice drawing both straight and curved lines using this drawing tool.

Easy Car Drawing With Kids

Each step in the drawing process calls for a single, simple action that everyone can learn. Use subtle clues to represent the next car part during the session appropriately.

The car is shaped strangely and is depicted comically. Many years ago, this particular car model was widely used; however, such a car is currently uncommon.


  • Supplies for coloring, including pencils, paper, and erasers

Children love to play with their toy cars. Typically, they are insatiable and desire them in various hues, forms, and sizes. Why not go one step further and teach your kids to draw one of their favorite toys by following our straightforward how-to guide on drawing a car?

Step By Step Car Drawing

Wheels are where we’ll start:

  • Draw two circles on the bottom half of the paper you are holding. Because these will be our wheels, ensure enough room between each circle.

Draw the body of an automobile:

  • Create a line that joins the two circles. The wheels will be attached to the car’s base at this point. Using a loose sketch of the body of your car, draw a curving line slowly linking the left and right wheels.
  • Try picturing a car in your mind to get the body form you want.

Adding Details to the Wheels:

  • Let’s add a couple more decorations to our wheels. Inscribe a circle inside each wheel. This will act as the wheel’s center. Draw another circle in the middle of the one you just made.
  • Draw eight lines from the outside of the second circle to the center of your innermost circle. Your wheels’ rims are now finished.

Imagine the Windows:

  • Draw two windows inside the car’s body, closer to the roof. To achieve this, create an L shape and link the ends with a curved line. Repeat this procedure for two windows.

Put a door handle in:

  • Under the window, you just built, draw a small, thin, elongated rectangle with two curved lines on top and bottom to function as your door handle.
  • To see, turn on some headlights and a backlight.
  • Make an angled oval on the car’s hood. Draw a second oval at the base of the first one. Add another oval to your car’s trunk.

Create a Scene:

Let’s draw a rough outline of the road on which the car will travel. Draw a straight line beneath your wheels. Your road will be finished by adding the extra lines behind the car. Place the enlarged rectangles between those lines, which will act as the road lines.

Let’s add color to it to give it life:

Ink it up! We advise using watercolor paint or colored pencils to give your car richness. A soft color wash can also be used to add a background. That’s also how you should draw a car!

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