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The best whey protein for muscle gain

Whey protein boosts energy and a burst of energy during your workout, helping you recover faster from the received loads. Their mechanism of action explains this; once in the stomach, whey proteins quickly break down into amino acids and nourish muscle tissue. 

Therefore, when building volumes, protein contributes to muscle growth, preventing muscles from breaking down along with fat when losing weight.

The best olimp bcaa protein for muscle gain can be purchased at First UK Protein – the first whey protein factory in the UK. The product’s composition is 80% pure protein, 9% fat, and 7% lactose; no artificial additives exist. 

For manufacturing, raw materials of the highest quality from dairy farms are used, which undergo multi-stage processing.

How Whey Protein Is Made

The company’s first UK Protein offers the best whey protein, as it is highly purified and retains maximum nutrients. KSB 80 begins when the cheese whey is isolated, which remains after the creation of cheese from milk. 

Whey is delivered to the plant via a pipeline from a neighboring dairy plant – this allows you to keep it in its original form since long transportation is not required.

Production stages:

Ultrafiltration method – at the exit of the liquid product, a dry protein concentrate of 20% is obtained.

Spray drying converts the dry concentrate to 80% PCB.

The finished product is sent to the laboratory for measurements of fat, moisture, acidity, and solubility index.

The whey protein is then bagged and prepared for shipment to customers. To purchase the best whey protein for muscle gain, add the product to the basket and pay for it conveniently. Then the manager will contact you, discuss the delivery details and assign a tracking number to your order.

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