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Think thermos bottle and Sundesa shaker bottle

Two cool bottles for my son and one for me. Think, Thinksport, Leakproof Athlete Bottle, Blue, 25 oz (750 ml) Description: Thinksport works with leading scientists and safer materials to create safer products. Keeps Cold for 18+ Hours. Keeps Warm for 4+ Hours. Safe Products for Athlete’s Health Free of BPA, BPS, Lead, PET, Phthalates, PVC, and Biohazardous Chemicals Made from 18/8 medical grade 304 stainless steel

Leakproof bottle, or rather thermos. Stylish, easy to use, safe for health, in a word, flawless. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail: there are two necks, narrow 2.5 cm and wide – 4.5 cm in diameter; it also comes with a removable mesh filter where you can brew tea or some other drink. Keeps temperature excellent. There is a handle for transportation; during training, the son hangs a bottle on a hook.

The bottle is comfortable to hold, even for an 8-year-old child. We chose a matte finish – it does not leave fingerprints and does not slip in your hands. Doesn’t sweat in the heat.

The bottle was purchased for a child to go to training and school.

Made of high-quality plastic, part of the case and the edging of the twist-off cover are rubberized; it is convenient to hold and use in your hands. There are small bumps on the lid to prevent fingers from slipping during unscrewing-twisting. You can unscrew and drink and snap off the neck-spout (3 cm dia.). Drinking from the spout is very convenient.

It snaps tight, but the son himself opens it normally. Of course, it doesn’t leak. There is a cool small loop on the lid; you can admire the design or hang a bottle for it.

The kit includes a special metal ball for whipping protein or other shakes, and it does it perfectly.

My son stopped using it in the summer, and I mixed protein shakes. After mixing the cocktails, there are no odors left on the plastic.

I am trying to remember how it was packed; height 23 cm, volume 760 ml, bottom diameter 7.5 cm. On the side, there is a measuring scale in ml and oz, and the numbers are cut out or squeezed into the plastic. That is, they will not be erased, unlike wrist pain.

And I use such an unusual bottle for fruit water, I can’t help but praise, since the post is about bottles, and besides, this information will surely be useful to someone.

This Applied Nutrition Smart Shaker  bottle is called a fruit infuser. A special flask with holes is built inside, into which you need to add any fruits and berries, even frozen ones! then pour in water, shake, and healthy fruit water is ready.

I can’t drink clean water, but I wouldn’t say I like sweet water either; I need a little aroma and taste. This bottle does just that. Sheer delight!

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