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This Winter, Protect Your Baby’s Skin From Drying Out

As a parent, you must know that your kid is highly vulnerable to weather changes. A minor fluctuation in temperatures and your kid’s skin starts reacting to it. With the winter setting its base, it’s essential for you to prep your kid’s skin for the upcoming cold season.

Each individual has a different skincare routine, similarly, every parent follows a different regime for their kid at this time of the year. It is observed that new parents are more protective of their kid’s skin drying out during the winter. Likewise, parents of toddlers have a specific routine that they follow every year.

Regardless of whether you are parent to a newborn or a toddler, we have shared a few skin concerns that you must be mindful of:

Itchy And Dry Skin

Your baby will likely lose their natural moisture due to the dry winter air outside. This may lead to dry skin, and a few sections can convert into itchy skin, especially along the thighs and the diaper area.

One of the best ways to avoid dry and itchy skin is to use hypoallergenic diapers. These diapers reduce the probability of allergic reactions on your kid’s skin. Besides, a few brands offer eco-friendly hypoallergenic diapers, which ensures that you are not harming nature. In addition, these diapers are not made of toxic additives or chemicals that are harmful for the delicate skin of an infant.

Hence, before you come across red patches or roughness in your baby’s skin, consider switching to hypoallergenic diapers. Simultaneously, these diapers can protect your kid from skin issues like eczema during highly chilly winters.

Chapped Lips

Babies frequently experience dry lips, particularly if your baby drools excessively. When a person’s lips and surrounding skin are constantly wet from saliva, the top layer of the skin might become irritated. This renders this region more susceptible to cracking.

Use a natural ingredient-based lip balm for your infant. You can apply breast milk to a newborn’s cracked lips if breastfeeding them.

You can also approach an expert to recommend a specific brand.

Red Rosy Cheeks

While taking your kid out in the park during windy days, their cute chubby cheeks are bound to be irritated due to the chilly air and turn a darker shade of red. Therefore, applying a good quality natural moisturizer before and after stepping outside is recommended.

Use a stroller with a shade to protect your kid from the direct chilly winds. Regular moisturization is a primary practice that should be incorporated in your kid’s winter skincare routine.

Avoid purchasing a moisturizer with traces of alcohol and perfumes, as these extracts may irritate the skin of your little bundle of joy.

If your baby lotion keeps your kid’s skin hydrated, avoid purchasing a moisturizer separately. However, ensure that your little one does not get dry patches during the day.

Common Products To Avoid During Winters For Your Little Bundle Of Joy


Often, adults skip the use of sunscreen during the winter, presuming that UV rays won’t harm their skin. However, the snow on the surface can reproduce UV rays, which in turn, can lead to sunburns.

Your kid’s skin is comparatively more sensitive, so using the right type of sunscreen for your toddler at the right time is essential. However, you should avoid using sunscreen on kids that are less than six months old.

On the contrary, you can use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher for kids who have crossed six months. Again, you can seek consultation from your dermatologist before purchasing sunscreen.

Bathing Products

During winter, avoid bathing your baby with soaps or other products containing deodorants, detergents, fragrances, and artificial flavors.

Instead, you can use natural-ingredient-based shower gel or body wash that keeps your kid’s skin hygienic and nourished.

Artificial Baby Wipes

Several brands offer scented and perfumed baby wipes that can harm your infant’s sensitive skin. You want to avoid exposing your kid’s skin to these chemicals or extracts at a young age.

On the contrary, you can use eco-friendly baby wipes made of natural bamboo fibers. Parents prefer baby wipes that are naturally hypoallergenic with antibacterial properties. This ensures that your kid won’t have any allergic reactions to baby wipes.

Wrapping Up

The winter season may be harsh on the skin, especially the sensitive skin of babies. However, there are a few things that might be of assistance, including applying moisturizers, limiting the exposure to wind and UV rays, taking shorter showers, and boosting the humidity in your home.

In addition, making use of the appropriate products can make the winter season for your child more comfortable and pleasant.

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