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Vanced YouTube was released by the developers

Vanced YouTube was released by the developers of Vine in 2015 and became one of the most used YouTube apps until the app shut down in April 2017. At that time, Vanced had more than 300 million monthly users worldwide. However, the company had been facing a legal threat from Google.

The app was accused of stealing videos from Viner Evan Mirsky who later became a victim of YouTube’s demonetization policy.

The app also used video ads which were illegal in most countries including the United States. Vanced YouTube used video ads to make money, which made it difficult for Google to support the app since it had violated its terms of services.

The app was removed from the Play Store and app store because it was a threat to Google’s business model. However, that didn’t stop people from downloading the app. Many youtube vanced users liked the app since it added extra features such as search bar, text display, and other features.

That’s why they continued to use it despite the threats from Google. However, the developer decided to discontinue Vanced YouTube on August 9, 2017.

He said that he wasn’t going to waste his time on a product that he couldn’t monetize. Although many people are angry with the developer for closing the app, they should not lose hope. There are other ways of making money on YouTube.

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