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What Factors Make The CBSE School Singapore Different From The est?

Is opting for CBSE the right decision? It is a never-ending debate topic among students. Many students and their parents ultimately make miserable decisions and repent in the future. So, it would be wise for every parent to choose CBSE for their kids for having many benefits. 

CBSE has some unique and different features over other boards. So, it is crucial to know about those advantages and avert them from making bad decisions. 

About the CBSE Board

The complete form of CBSE is the Central Board for Secondary Education. It offers national standard education with effective teaching services and informative, educational materials. Even CBSE conducts almost all necessary nationalised competitive tests.

CBSE provides a more challenging syllabus and learning pattern for their students to prepare them for higher achievements. At the same time, the study structure is exceptionally student-friendly and offers feasible International Schools Fees. In addition, CBSE is the best option for those who want to pursue higher education in a reputed institute in the future.

Some major points are mentioned below which clear the significant differences between CBSE and other boards of education.

Fee structure

CBSE School Singapore provides national-level education classes with firm strategies to bestow quality education. Most CBSE International Schools Fees are very affordable. Also, these schools offer the best teaching practices at a cost-feasible budget with a dynamic and amplified educative environment. 

Curriculum Design

CBSE schools usually follow the rules implied by NCERT to take a blueprint of the syllabus. So, it becomes easy for students willing to sit for competitive exams and face different career challenges. NCERT Syllabus motivates studInternationalents with their activity-based education pattern so that learners can push themselves towards success. 

Extracurricular Activities

CBSE Schools offer some innovative extracurricular activities. Some are calculated based on academic excellence, others on overall progression, and the rest on learner growth. The fact behind designing education in this way is to infuse extracurricular activities to bring out its power.


Teaching staff should be well-educated and have extensive knowledge. It must be the primary measure to enhance educational growth and profound students’ learning skills. But not only are these criteria enough for being a good teacher, but they should also be motivating, inspiring, aspect-driven, and enthusiastic. This way, every CBSE school appoints its teachers based on their practical learning potential and acquaintance in adopting the new digitised educational landscape. Even these schools offer assistance for teachers to increase their quality.

Experiment and Growth

Nowadays, parents want to give their children more experimental education, so they prefer CBSE Board. Most schools have stagnant educational structures that are not at all encouraging. On that note, CBSE School Singapore is appreciable with its varieties of resources, modern infrastructure, and massive exposure to career paths.

Summing Up

Contemplating the evolving educational approach, parents should realise CBSE is better than others. Also, pursuing studies from CBSE schools is a significant advantage for students to score well in competitive exams. Moreover, here the educational pattern is designed in such a way that it can meet all basic demands, such as; affordable fees, effective learning process, and experimental knowledge.

CBSE schools have distinct strategies, including adopting the power of continuously changing scenarios, infusing digital methodologies, and designing an integrated student-friendly learning environment.

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