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What is Contextual Help for Dynamics 365?

You’re working in a team on a new project. Your teammate suddenly needs help with Dynamics 365. What should you do? For example, your teammate might not understand how to set up a new project or how to keep track of changes made within the project. 

Perhaps your teammate is learning the software for the first time and has questions about using it. Or perhaps you need some assistance yourself—maybe you’ve just been put into charge of training your teammates on the new platform and want to see if they can help each other out. 

You may even be unsure if your teammate will benefit from getting extra hands on with Dynamics 365. Let’s take a look at what contextual help is, what situations it’s useful for, and how you can add it to your workflow so that everyone is productive again as soon as possible.

What is contextual help?

Dynamics 365 contextual help is when you provide assistance when a person needs it, even if they aren’t the intended recipient of the help. This can be in the form of advice, suggestions, or help with understanding new software. 

The person receiving the help may not even know they’re receiving it, which is what makes it contextual. The help may be delivered by an employee who has worked with the company for a while, by a contractor when your company uses them, or by a partner when your company works with them.

What situations is it useful for?

Depending on your team’s needs, you might want to consider using contextual help when there’s a lot of change happening within a project or when there’s a new project in the works. By keeping a record of what happened in all past projects, you can provide help in the new project if needed. This kind of help is especially useful when you’re not sure what to do next due to a lack of information or understanding.

How to add contextual help to your Dynamics 365 workflow

Make sure you have the correct tools and set up for adding contextual help. If your company uses another software, you may need to consult the help documentation for that software to see what additional setup is needed for contextual help. Select Help > Integrations > Remote help. In the dialog box that pops up, ensure that the following is selected: “Offer contextual help when needed”


If you’re part of a new project team. Your coworker has unexpectedly requested assistance with Dynamics 365. What are your options? Your coworker, for example, may not grasp how to create a new project or how to maintain track of changes made inside the project. 

Perhaps your buddy is unfamiliar with the programme and has questions about how to use it. Or maybe you need some help yourself, or maybe you’ve just been tasked with training your coworkers on the new platform and want to see whether they can help each other out. You may even be wondering whether your coworker will benefit from more hands-on experience with Dynamics 365.

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