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What’s the current trend in lemon and coffee?

What’s the current trend in lemon and coffee?

Lemon coffee is quite simple. In the morning, mix a squeezed lemon into the black coffee you are drinking and sip it on your stomach with no food.

Why do people add lemon juice to black coffee?

Some of the people who follow the trend believe that drinking lemon and coffee early in the morning with an empty stomach will aid in boosting metabolism and increase the loss of fat. Others claim that there is a reduction in diarrhoea and headaches.

Are there any truths to these assertions?

In simple terms, the answer is no. There’s nothing in either ingredient that can miraculously aid in losing weight or tone your stomach. Fat loss depends on a continuous deficit in calories, i.e. eating less calories than you use. 1 No particular food item can be a contributor to loss of fat in the manner the claims make.

However, it isn’t the only trend on the market and both of the ingredients offer benefits that could aid in losing weight as well as general health when paired with other aspects. For instance, black coffee from any one the best espresso machines can help you lose weight when replacing a milky coffee such as cappuccino, flat white or latte. This could lead to the calorie deficit.

What are the advantages?

Concentration and mental alertness

Coffee is a great source of caffeine, a powerful stimulant with positively impacted mental and physical function.2 A cup of coffee early in the morning can increase productivity.

Exercise performance

Caffeine has been proven to enhance high-intensity exercise performance and increase endurance through its effects on alertness, reaction speed and the perceived intensity (essentially how the exercise is). A coffee drink prior to getting to work out could help you get a better workoutand could result in increased calories burned.


Both lemons and coffee are potent food sources for antioxidants when drank from the apt and best types of coffee mugs. Antioxidants may delay or even stop the damage to cells due to free radicals. They are believed to improve overall health. A few studies have also shown coffee has anti-inflammatory properties. 4

They also contain Vitamin C. It is crucial in maintaining skin and cell health, as well as facilitating the absorption and transportation of iron into your system. 5

What are the negatives?

Excessive caffeine

Due to the high amount of caffeine of coffee, it’s recommended not to drink too often of it. It is suggested to limit your consumption to more than 400 mg of caffeine daily; as a guideline an average cup of coffee would have between 60 and 100 mg in caffeine (depending on the kind and type of the coffee).

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The excessive consumption of caffeine can result in sleep disturbance. The consumption of coffee in the late evening and early morning can affect the quality of your sleep, which could have an adverse effect on weight loss over the long run. 7,8 It is recommended to stay away from caffeine for at minimum six hours prior to going to going to bed. 7

The high doses of caffeine have been linked to increased anxiety nervousness, jitteriness and jitteriness.9

Caffeine withdrawal

Caffeine acts as an stimulant and excessive consumption has been linked to physical, mental and emotional dependence. When drinking is excessive, it is abruptly stopped. It can cause symptoms such as headaches, irritability and anxiety, as well as low mood and even shaking. 10

Dental erosion

Citric acid is a component of lemons and when consumed in large quantities can cause tooth erosion because it causes the enamel on the teeth to disintegrate too fast. 11

Take home the message

Lemons and coffee both offer health benefits, however, mixing the two doesn’t increase each of their advantages. There’s no evidence to support either of the ingredients to prove they aid in the loss of weight. There’s not a single food that can help you lose fat , and over the long-term since weight loss is dependent on an imbalance in energy.

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